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Asian Le Mans Series

Le Mans 24 Hours - The best of the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours, FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) with Michelin

  • Le Mans 24 Hours
  • Sat. 30.05.2015 / 13h46
    A month after his big accident at Spa, Kazuki Nakajima has been given a green light to drive the Toyota TS040 Hybrid at tomorrow's pre-Le Mans Test day (Sunday).
  • Fri. 29.05.2015 / 12h34
    Scrutineering for the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours began this morning. The first cars to be checked were the new Rebellion R-Ones and Nissan GT-R LM Nismos, as well as the Proton and AAI Porsches. The day will end with the Audi R18 e-tron quattros.
  • Thu. 21.05.2015 / 12h10
    The new Rebellion R-One AER is making its track debut at Le Castellet, France.
  • Sun. 17.05.2015 / 12h18
    4 Hours of Imola (ELMS): Jota Sport will start the Italian race from pole position for the third straight year thanks to a lap of 1m34.496s by Filipe Albuquerque (N°38 Gibson-Nissan). The Murphy Prototypes Oreca03-Nissan will also be on the front row, ahead of Greaves Motorsport's Gibson-Nissan and Pegasus Racing's Morgan-Nissan/Michelin. The 4 Hours of Imola is due to start at 2pm local time.
  • Tue. 12.05.2015 / 15h45
    Portugal's Tiago Monteiro will team up with Simon Trummer and Pierre Kaffer in ByKolles Racing's CLMP1/01 prototype for this year's Le Mans 24 Hours.
  • Mon. 11.05.2015 / 11h25
    Last Saturday's Monaco Formula E ePrix was won by Sébastien Buemi but the championship is still topped by Lucas di Grassi. After sustaining a back injury at Spa, Kazuki Nakajima was in Monaco to cheer on his WEC comrades. He looked fit, but will he have recovered sufficently in time for mid-June's Le Mans 24 Hours?
  • Thu. 07.05.2015 / 09h03
    Le Mans: Krohn Racing has named Joao Barbosa in the team's Ligier JS P2-Nissan/Michelin alongside boss Tracy Krohn and Nic Jonsson. Meanwhile, Britain's Oliver Turvey will share Jota Sport's Spa-winning N°38 Gibson-Nissan with Simon Dolan and Mitch Evans.
  • Tue. 05.05.2015 / 20h45
    The Avener (the FIA WEC's official music ambassador) will not be appearing at Le Mans this year. Instead, the bill for three nights will feature acts Jabberwocky, Cali and Charlie Winston in association with RTL2 Pop-Rock Live.
  • Tue. 05.05.2015 / 09h38
    Round 2 of the 2015 Super GT series was won by the Motul Autech Nissan GT-R/Michelin of Quintarelli/Matsuda.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 21h06
    Thank you for following the 2015 6 Hours of Spa with LeMansLive. Next stop is the Le Mans 24 Hours in June!
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 20h37
    LM P2 winner was the N°38 Gibson-Nissan (Jota Sport)
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 20h36
    The timing screen says "Car 7 reported to stewards for violation of instruction in briefing"...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 20h34
    Aston Martin victorious in LM GTE Pro (N°99 car) and in LM GTE Am (N°98 car). Porsches N°92 and N°91 second and third in LM GTE Pro, as in LM P1!
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 20h31
    Victory at Spa-Francorchamps for the N°7 Audi/Michelin (Fässler/Tréluyer/Lotterer), joined on the podium by the N°18 and N°17 Porsches. That's the car's second straight WEC success in three weeks after Silverstone.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 20h17
    After investigation, the N°51 Ferrari has been handed a one-minute stop&go penalty for its earlier pit stop infringement. ASton Martin 99 is almost certain of the LM GTE Pro victory.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 20h16
    Bruni (Ferrari 51) is less than a second off the LM GTE Pro lead which is being defended by Rees (Aston Martin 99)
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 20h09
    The decisive moment? The N°7 Audi pits from the lead. No tyres and Tréluyer stays in the car.It re-joins in front! The gap is 12 seconds with 20 minutes remaining
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h53
    Jani pits the N°18 POrsche from the lead. Fuel only. What will Audi 7 do?
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h49
    The N°18 POrsche regains the lead as it passes the N°7 Audi with ease along Kemmel on Lap 156...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h46
    The last pit stop of Ferrari 51 is "under investigation"
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h44
    The gap between Audi 7 and Porsche 18 is down to less than two seconds...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h43
    Did we say that the N°99 Aston Martin was back in front in LM GTE Pro after a much shorter fifth pit stop than the N°51 Ferrari?
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h34
    In LM P1, it's Porsche's turn to do the hunting as Jani has closed the gap between the N°18 919 Hybrid to the leading N°7 Audi from 15s to 6s
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h30
    For the first time since the start, there isn't an Aston Martin in front in LM GTE Pro. Bruni has passed the N°99 Aston Martin to put the N°51 Ferrari in the class lead with exactly one hour remaining.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h21
    The N°7 Audi pits from the lead. Tréluyer stays in the car and there are no new tyres. It's the car's second double stint. Tréluyer re-joins in front, 15s clear of the N°18 Porsche.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h04
    Next time round, The N°18 POrsche pits. Fresh tyres go on and Jani replaces Lieb. The gap is up to more than a minute...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 19h00
    Some virile battling between the Audi 7 and the Porsche 18. The Audi goes past once but the Porsche recovers first place along Kemmel. Before Lap 131 is over, however, the Audi gets through... Audi is back in front
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h54
    The N°71 Ferrari, which has been in the chase in LM GTE Pro since the start, has been given a 5-second stop&go penalty (crossed pit entry line)
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h52
    The gap between the leading N°18 POrsche and the chasing N°7 Audi has come down to just3 seconds. Reminder: the Porsche is on its second stint with the same tyres and the Audi is on fresh rubber...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h32
    Correction. The N°18 Porsche has resumed the lead as the N°7 Audi pits (this time it takes tyres). Next time round, the Porsche 18 pits but doesn't take tyres. It can re-join in the lead again....
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h30
    The fight for the lead between the N°7 Audi and the N°18 Porsche is keeping the spectators entertained. The Porsche goes wide at one stage. The gap is up to 6s as a result.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h29
    The N°92 Porsche takes a drive-through penalty for "abusing track limits". It was 3rd in LM GTE Pro
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h17
    The N°1 Toyota re-joins after spending 16 minutes in its garage. It re-joins in 15th place...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h12
    The gap between the race-leading N°7 Audi and the chasing N°18 Porsche is down to nothing...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h09
    ECU change confirmed for the N°8 Audi...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 18h01
    The N°1 Toyota is back in its garage...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 17h57
    The N°1 Toyota has re-joined after its throttle change but is at slow speed on the track...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 17h52
    The N°7 didn't change tyres at its fourth stop and consequently re-joined in the lead, 10s clear of the N°18 Porsche (which will have to do a double stint later). The N°17 Porsche is third.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 17h51
    Audi 8 stopped for a CRT/ALT/DEL after reporting that power was up-and-down. Toyota 1 is having its throttle pedal changed.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 17h43
    Audi 8 spent a little time in its garage for work. The N°17 Porsche has recovered third place. It's now Porsche 18, Audi 7, Porsche 17, Toyota 1.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 17h38
    The N°17 POrsche has recovered from its earlier problems to appear in 4th place. Porsche 18 leads at the midway point, ahead of Audis 7 and 8. Toyotas 2 and 1 are 5th and 6th.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 17h02
    Just after losing the LM GTE Am lead, the N°50 Corvette has spun off backwards into the tyre wall at Turn 15. Second in the class is now the N°72 Ferrari
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 17h00
    The N°98 Aston Martin has recovered the lead in LM GTE Am after passing the N°50 Corvette. Astons are running first and second in LM GTE Pro, too.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h58
    The organisers quote a crowd of 54,000 at Spa-Francorchamps. If my memory serves me correctly, that's 20% up on 2014!
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h43
    Audi 9 pits and is pushed into its garage to have the left-hand door replaced after the window broke about 20 minutes ago...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h31
    Sarrazin has passed Bonanomi (Audi9) to put the Toyota2 in fourth place.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h17
    There's a leader change in LMP2 as Gibson 38 passes the Ligier 26...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h16
    The reeason for the N°17 POrsche's delay was 'rear suspension'.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h07
    The Porsche 17 pits but is pushed into garage. Work continues a long time and all the front-running LMP1 cars go through. Order now is Porsche18, Audi 7, Audi 8, Audi 9, Toyota 2, Toyota 1... as Porsche 18 rejoins in 7th place , one lap behind!
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h04
    The race -leading Porsche 18 and Audi 8 (2nd) pit to put the Porsche 17 back in front, but a pit stop to make...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h03
    Audi 7 pits for second time from fourth place...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 16h03
    Also in pits for the second time are the Toyota 2 and Audi 9...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h58
    The N°8 Audi has just gone past the N°7 Audi to take 3rd place, just behind the N°17 POrsche.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h55
    The N°17 POrsche complies with penalty and pits for stop&go at end of Lap 42. It spends 42 seconds in pits in all. Jani goes ahead in the Porsche18, but Porsche 17 Holds second place, just ahead of Audi 7
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h51
    The N°17 race-leading Porsche has been handed a 15s stop&go penalty for its earlier overshoot at chicane which, says Race Control, put marshals into danger...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h44
    In LMP1, it's Porsche, Porsche, Audi, Audi, Toyota, Toyota. In LM GTE Pro, it's Aston Martin, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ferrari...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h42
    Tandy gets his entry into pit lane wrong for the N°19 Porsche's second pit stop. He is reported to stewards and hands over the car to Hulkenberg.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h30
    After 1 hour: 1, Porsche17 (28 laps). 2, Porsche18 (+11s). 3, Audi8 (+31s). 4, Audi7 (+32s). 5, Toyota1 (+37s). 6, Toyota2 (+54s). 7, Audi9 (+55s). Etc
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h15
    The leading Porsche 17 overshoots at the chicane, as Audi8, Porsche18 and Toyota1 pit...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h14
    The first LMP1s to pit are the Audi7, Audi9 and Toyota2.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h05
    The N°97 Aston Martin pits from 2nd in LM GTE Pro, handing its place to the N°51 Ferrari which is 4s behind class-leading Aston Martin 99
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 15h01
    Audi8 has passed Audi7 into third place after a spin for Fassler at chicane...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h55
    The N°17 Porsche is around 7s clear, but there's an interesting fight developing between Porsche18 and Audi7 for second place
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h50
    Porsche19 is back on the track but two laps are lost for repairs...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h47
    Both cars are able to continue. Porsche 19 pits with a lot of front end damage...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h45
    Inter-Porsche tangle! The LMP1 Porsche19 tries to pass GTE Porsche 91 on the inside at Fagnes. They collide and spin off into the tyre wall on the outside...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h44
    Inter-Porsche tangle between N°19 LMP1 and N°91 GTE as the prototype tries to pa
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h41
    There's a drive-through penalty for the LMP2-leading N°38 Gibson, as well as for the N°95 Aston Martin (jump starts)
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h38
    Toyota1 has passed the Toyota2 on Lap 4 also. After 4 laps: 1, Porsche 17 (Hartley). 2, Porsche 18 (Lieb). 3, Porsche 19 (Tandy). 4, Audi 7 (Fassler). 5, Audi 8 (Duval). 6, Toyota1 (Buemi). 7, Toyota2 (Wurz). 8, Audi9 (Bonanomi). Etc.
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h37
    Audi8 has gone 5th ahead of Toyota2 on Lap 4
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h36
    The N°26 Ligier has now gone to second in LMP2. Overall, the Porsches are pulling clear in LMP1
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h35
    The N°38 Gibson has taken the lead from the N°43 Morgan Evo
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h33
    The N°7 Audi is third after the first lap...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h33
    Porsche 17 finds a way back into third...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h30
    Clean start for nearly everone. Exceptions are the Toyota1 and the N°26 Ligier (LMP2) which has fallen to third in class. It's Porsche 17, 18 and 19...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h27
    First formation lap completed without drama
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h21
    Start drivers (LMP1): Hartley/Porsche 17, Tandy/Porsche19, Lieb/Porsche18, Fassler/Audi7, Duval/Audi8, Buemi/Toyota1, Wurz/Toyota2, Bonanomi/Audi9
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h20
    The N°47 Oreca05-Nissan which came second in LMP2 qualifying will start from pit lane because of a technical infringement...
  • Sat. 02.05.2015 / 14h17
    Welcome to Spa-Francorchamps for coverage of the 2015 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. Five minutes to go until the start of the two formation laps. It's a bright day in the Belgian Ardennes but not as sunny as this morning...
  • Mon. 20.04.2015 / 17h57
    Last week, Audi covered 6,500km in the course of an endurance test at Le Castellet, France, with the car in its Le Mans spec. All nine drivers were on duty.
  • Mon. 20.04.2015 / 13h43
    The 2015/2016 Asian Le Mans Series calendar will feature four races: Fuji (2 hours, October 10), Shanghai (1 hour 20 minutes, October 31), Burriam (3 hours, January 10) and Sepang (3 hours, January 24). Invitations will be extended to three teams to take part in the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours.
  • Fri. 17.04.2015 / 18h22
    Spa (WEC): 34 cars are expected to show for Belgium's 6 Hours of Spa on May2.
  • Tue. 14.04.2015 / 12h37
    Owing to a date clash with the TUSCC round at Laguna Seca, California, Porsche Team Manthey will run revised driver line-ups for Belgium's 6 Hours of Spa. Fred Makowiecki and Richard Lietz will share the N°92 Porsche 911 RSR, while Sven Muller and Kevin Estre will be in the N°91 car.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 19h39
    Audi Sport Team Joest bounced back from a difficult 2014 season to win the 6 Hours of Silverstone thanks to a sure-footed performance by Fässler/Lotterer/Tréluyer in the N°7 car. Porsche (2nd) and Toyota (3rd) made it three different makes on the podium after an exciting finish. G-Drive Racing (Ligier), AF Corse (Ferrari/Michelin) and Aston Martin Racing/Michelin collected the spoils in LMP2, LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 13h06
    Toyota 1 has inherited 3rd after Audi 8's failed attempt to pass the Porsche 18 into second spot.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 13h03
    A fast sector time for Tréluyer, so Audi 7 is okay... The N°47 Oreca has leapt into the lead in LMP2
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 13h01
    Porsche 18 team manager's presence is requested at Race Control 'immediately'
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 13h00
    With one hour completed the order is: 1) Porsche 17 (32 laps). 2) Porsche 18 (+15s). 3) Toyota 1 (+28s). 4) Audi 7 (+35s). 5) Audi 8 (+37s). 6) Toyota 2 (+1m2s). Etc.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h55
    The N°4 LMP1-L prototype of ByKolles Racing is back on the track after repairs.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h51
    After the pit stops, Wurz (6th, Toyota 2) loses contact with the two Audis.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h49
    Tréluyer establishes new fastest race lap: 1m40.836s (Lap 26)
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h48
    After the pit stops, the N°Audi recovers fourth place. No change in LMP2.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h46
    All the other LMP1 cars pit during full course yellows. Marc Lieb replaces Romain Dumas in sceond-placed Porsche 18, but Webber stays in Porsche 17. Fresh tyres for all..
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h46
    Green flags again at Silverstone.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h44
    Toyota 1 takes advantage of full course yellows to pit for tyres. Also in pit stops are Porsche 91 and Porsche 88, as well as all the LMP2 cars.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h42
    The N°92 goes fourth in LM GTE Pro after passing the Aston 99 which falls to last place in class. The N°36 Alpine (LM P2) crashes at Copse Corner, prompting a 'Full Course Yellow' period.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h33
    Order change in LM P1 as Audi 8 (Di Grassi) takes fourth from Audi 7 (Tréluyer).
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h31
    LM P2 order: 1) Ligier 26. 2) Ligier 28. 3) Oreca 47. Etc. LM GTE Pro order: 1) Aston Martin 95. 2) Aston Martin 97. 3) Porsche 91. Etc. LM GTE Am order: 1) Porsche 88. 2) Chevrolet 50. 3) Ferrari 83. Etc.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h30
    After the first half-hour: 1) Porsche 17 (18 laps). 2) Porsche 18 (+2.6s). 3), Toyota 1 (+8.4s). 4) Audi 7 (+9.7s). 5) Audi 8 (+10.2s). 6) Toyota 2 (+15.0s). Etc.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h27
    Di Grassi has recovered fifth overall in Audi 8. Wurz is now sixth in Toyota 2. In LM GTE Pro, the Porsche 91 has split the Aston Martins by going third in class.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h21
    Webber's lead in Porsche 17 is up to 4s after Lap 11 over Porsche 18 (Dumas). The chasers are four seconds further back (Toyota 1, Audi 7, Toyota 2, Audi 8). The ByKolles prototype is having its floor changed
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h16
    Ligier 28 has passed Oreca 47 into second place in LMP2. The Alpine 36 is fourth.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h15
    The Ligier 26 has moved into the LMP2 lead, while the 88 Porsche has taken the lead in LM GTE Am
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h13
    Tréluyer's fastest race lap establishes new record at 1m41.747s. Di Grassi has fallen back to sixth, but the N°4 ByKolles car has been off the track and is in its pits with underbody damage
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h13
    The two Porsches have pulled more than six seconds clear (17, then 18). Next come Toyota 1, Audi 7, Toyota 2 and Audi 8.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h10
    Tréluyer posts fastest race lap as he moves into fifth place. The top four covered by three seconds!
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h09
    There was an order change in LM GTE Pro at the start. The Aston Martin 97 went second in class ahead of the similar N°99 car
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h08
    The Toyota 2 (Wurz) is under pressure from Audi 7 (Tréluyer) in battle for 5th.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 12h01
    The race has started with a clean start for everyone, except for the N°42 Strakka which went straight on at the end of the first straight. Porsche are still first and second, but Audi 7 has fallen to 10th...
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 11h59
    They are off for the second formation lap. Drivers are Webber/Porsche 17, Dumas/Porsche 18, Di Grassi/Audi 8, Buemi/Toyota 1, Tréluyer/Audi 7, Wurz/Toyota 2, etc.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 11h56
    The cars have left the grid for the formation lap.
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 11h53
    The grid is being cleared of team staff...
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 11h50
    There is a strong wind blowing at Silverstone. The grid girls for the earlier Formula 3 race had big problems holding the car number boards - which are quite small - before the start!
  • Sun. 12.04.2015 / 11h40
    Welcome to sunny England for the 6 Hours of Silverstone, opening round of the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship. The 29 cars are all lined up on the straight along the pit wall, Le Mans style, with the team members standing in a line alongside, as God save the Queen is sung.
  • Thu. 09.04.2015 / 07h57
    There will only be 29 cars for Round 1 of the 2015 FIA WEC. Sard-Morand has withdrawn its two LM P2 Morgan Evos for legal and administrative reasons.
  • Tue. 07.04.2015 / 19h00
    Greaves Motorsport has confirmed that its Gibson-Nissan LM P2 prototype will be shared by Switzerland's Gary Hirsch (28, 2013 LMPC champion), Briton Jon Lancaster (26, two GP2 Series wins) and Sweden's Bjorn Wirdheim (35, 2003 F3000 champion) in this year's ELMS and at Le Mans.
  • Tue. 07.04.2015 / 16h46
    GT3 cars have been re-authorised to race at the Nürburgring's Nordschleife but their top speed will be capped at 200kph through certain portions of the German circuit, including Flugplatze which was the scene of an accident at the first round of the 2015 VLN.
  • Tue. 31.03.2015 / 10h24
    In addition to his factory FIA WEC programme with Nissan Motorsport, Britain's Harry Tincknell will contest the 2015 ELMS for Jota Sport.
  • Mon. 30.03.2015 / 10h08
    Following a tragic accident at Round 1 of the 2015 VLN, GT3 and GT4 cars have been banned from the Nordschleife until further notice. Jann Mardenborough's Nissan GT-R went airborne through Flugplatze and landed in a spectator area, killing one person and injuring several others.
  • Wed. 25.03.2015 / 10h33
    Rebellion Racing has released the names of its drivers for the 2015 FIA WEC. The N°12 R-One will be shared by the same trio as 2014, namely Nicolas Prost, Nick Heidfeld and Mathias Beche. The N°13 car will see Dominik Kraihamer joined by new recruits Alex Imperatori and Daniel Abt.
  • Wed. 25.03.2015 / 10h03
    ELMS (Prologue, Le Castellet, France), Day 2: The morning's session was topped by the new Oreca05-Nissan (TDS Racing, Tristan Gommendy). Fastest in the afternoon was Algarve Pro Racing's Ligier JS P2 (Andrea Roda). The best overall time of the 2015 ELMS Prologue was the work of Murphy Prototypes' Nathanaël Berthon (1m48.155s, Oreca03-Nissan).
  • Tue. 24.03.2015 / 10h46
    Nicolas Lapierre is to make his WEC comeback as team-mate to Matt Howson and Richard Bradley in KCMG's ORECA05-Nissan prototype at the 6 Hours of Spa and at Le Mans. The Frenchman will also attend this weekend's pre-season Prologue at Le Castellet, France.
  • Tue. 24.03.2015 / 09h47
    ELMS (2015 Prologue, Le Castellet, Frace): There were three ELMS test sessions at Le Castellet yesterday (Monday). The fastest times were posted by Nathanael Berthon (Oreca03/Nissan Murphy Prototypes), Jon Lancaster (Gibson/Nissan Greaves Motorsport) and Harry Tincknell (Gibson/Nissan Jota Sport).
  • Sat. 21.03.2015 / 13h28
    12 Hours of Sebring (qualifying): Frenchmen Olivier Pla (Ligier JS P2) and Frédéric Makowiecki (Porsche 911 RSR/Michelin) claimed the Prototype and GTLM poles respectively at Sebring. Pla (Krohn Racing, 1m51.152s) finished clear of the N°1 HPD-ARX03b (Extreme Speed Motorsport). In GTLM, Makowiecki (1m58.587s) was faster than Patrcik Pilet who made it an all-Porsche front row.
  • Wed. 18.03.2015 / 13h09
    Mike Rockenfeller, who won Le Mans in 2010 and who has raced for Audi in the DTM since his accident in La Sarthe in 2011, has been named Audi's reserve driver for the make's endurance racing programme, instead of Marc Gené.
  • Thu. 12.03.2015 / 16h56
    Denmark's Kristian Poulsen, last year's LM GTE Am champion with Aston Martin Racing, has signed to race for Larbre Compétition in this year's FIA WEC. He will share the N°50 Corvette C7.R with Italians Paolo Ruberti and Gianluca Roda.
  • Tue. 10.03.2015 / 11h44
    The FIA WEC has signed a contract with Capricorn, which manages the Nürburgring, for the organisation of the 6 Hours of the Nürburgring. The race will take place round the grand prix circuit on August 30, 2015.
  • Tue. 10.03.2015 / 09h23
    OAK Racing has revealed the driver line-up for its N°35 Ligier JS P2 (LM P2 prototype) at Le Mans: Chris Cumming, Kevin Estre and Laurens Vanthoor.
  • Mon. 02.03.2015 / 08h59
    Audi and Nissan both have a long test at Sebring, Florida, this week ahead of the official WEC Prologue at Le Castellet, France, in three weeks' time.
  • Wed. 25.02.2015 / 14h06
    Factory Porsche driver Nick Tandy will contest six of the 2015 FIA WEC's eight races with KCMG. He will share the team's new Oreca05 with Matthew Howson and Richard Bradley. At Spa and Le Mans, he will share the third Porsche 919 Hybrid prototype with Nico Hulkenberg and Earl Bamber.
  • Wed. 25.02.2015 / 10h40
    Gérard Ducarouge has died of a long illness. The Frenchman took three straight wins at Le Mans (1972, 1973 and 1974) and helped Matra Sports to two Manufacturers' world titles. The talented engineer then worked in F1 at Ligier, Alfa-Romeo and Lotus where he played a part in the coming to fame of Ayrton Senna...
  • Thu. 12.02.2015 / 10h47
    Nissan has added Jan Mardenborough, Lucas Ordonez and Michael Krumm to its driver line-up for its 2015 LM P1 programme.
  • Fri. 06.02.2015 / 09h17
    The ACO and the FIA have revealed the names of the teams that have been invited to contest this year's Le Mans 24 Hours, as well as the entry lists for the 2015 FIA WEC (35 cars) and ELMS (34 cars).
  • Wed. 04.02.2015 / 08h39
    Rebellion R-One has changed engine supplier and its prototype will now be powered by an AER bi-turbo V6. As a result, the Swiss team will miss the WEC Prologue test at Le Castellet and the 6 Hours of Silverstone.
  • Wed. 24.12.2014 / 16h42
    Everyone at wishes you a very Happy Christmas!
  • Tue. 16.12.2014 / 16h11
    The ACO and FIA will hold a joint pre-season press conference on February 5 to announce the entry lists for the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours, FIA WEC and ELMS.
  • Tue. 16.12.2014 / 10h25
    The recently-retired Tom Kristensen won last weekend's ROC Nations Cup in Barbados with Petter Solberg (Team Nordic). David Coulthard was declared Champion of Champions
  • Mon. 15.12.2014 / 19h07
    The 2015 version of the Porsche 919 Hybrid has lapped for the first time at Porsche's private facility in Weissach, with Marc Lieb at the wheel.
  • Sun. 14.12.2014 / 11h07
    AF Corse wrapped up its 2014 campaign with victory on the 12 Hours of Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari 458 GT3 of Rigon/Rugolo/Wyatt finished ahead of the Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS of Schneider/Al Qubaisi/Bleekemolen and the new McLaren 650S GT3 (Estre/Bell/Parente).
  • Fri. 12.12.2014 / 11h46
    Former cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy will take part in the 2015 ELMS. The Briton will drive a Ginetta-Nissan LMP3 prototype in Nissan-Nismo colours.
  • Tue. 09.12.2014 / 16h42
    Nico Hülkenberg, Nick Tandy, Fred Makowiecki and Michael Christensen have been driving the Porsche 919 Hybrid/Michelin at Motorland Aragon, Spain...
  • Thu. 04.12.2014 / 16h45
    After Greaves Motorsport's announcement that it will run a Ginetta-Juno in the 2015 WEC, Las Motorsport has decided to build an LM P3 prototype to contest the ELMS and Asian Le Mans Series. Las Motorsport pools the ressources of Adess, Sora Racing and Sébastien Loeb Racing
  • Wed. 03.12.2014 / 18h37
    Britain's Greaves Motorsport, which won the LM P2 class at Le Mans and in the European Le Mans Series in 2011, will run a Ginetta-Juno LM P3 prototype in 2015. Bradley Smith has been named as one of the drivers.
  • Sun. 30.11.2014 / 22h44
    Mark Webber was conscious and alert after his accident according to official information. Toyota (Manufacturers), Ferrari (GT Manufacturers) and SMP Racing (LM P2 Teams) all secured 2014 WEC titles with Michelin.
  • Sun. 30.11.2014 / 21h43
    Mark Webber suffered a big crash in the N°20 Porsche 27 minutes from the end of the 6 Hours of Sao Paulo. The Australian left the scene of the accident in an ambulance. The N°90 Ferrari (Cressoni) was also involved in the incident.
  • Sun. 30.11.2014 / 17h04
    1 Hour : Olivier Pla crashed his Ligier, Full Course Yellow. Porsche N°20 leads the Toyota N°8 and Porsche N°14
  • Sun. 30.11.2014 / 16h02
    Green! Timo Bernhard (Porsche N°20) holds the leader. Seb Buemi (2nd, Toyota N°8) overtook Marc Lieb (Porsche N°14). The Audi N°2 is in trouble (electronic reset)
  • Sun. 30.11.2014 / 15h44
    15 minutes to the start of the 6 Hours of Sao Paulo. 40°C on track, but storms threatening. Bernhard, Lieb, Buemi, Tréluyer, Wurz, Di Grassi to start the race
  • Sun. 30.11.2014 / 14h33
    Welcome to Sao Paulo for the final round of the 2014 FIA WEC championship. It's warm and sunny here at Interlagos. Lots of fans for the autograph signing session, Emerson Fittipaldi is a mega star!
  • Tue. 25.11.2014 / 09h48
    Porsche has announced that it will enter three LM P1 prototypes for next year's Le Mans 24 Hours. The driver line-up for the third car has yet to be revealed.
  • Wed. 19.11.2014 / 12h17
    Following in the footsteps of two other former Le Mans winners, Henri Pescarolo and Jacky Ickx, the 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours winner Romain Dumas has decided to take part in the Dakar. The Frenchman will contest January's event in a buggy.
  • Wed. 19.11.2014 / 12h16
    Following its participation in this year's 6 Hours of Shanghai , the American team Extreme Speed Motorsports will enter two HPD-ARX-04b prototypes (LM P2) in next year's FIA World Endurance Championship.
  • Wed. 19.11.2014 / 10h37
    The first Brazilian F1 world champion Emerson Fittipaldi is to make his racing comeback in a Ferrari LM GTE at the 6 Hours of Sao Paulo.
  • Tue. 18.11.2014 / 15h10
    WEC (6 Hours of Sao Paulo): 26 cars are expected to race at the last round of the 2014 FIA WEC at Interlagos, Brazil.
  • Mon. 10.11.2014 / 21h23
    Porsche Team has renewed its contacts with drivers Jani, Dumas, Lieb, Hartley, Webber and Bernhard for its 2015 LM P1 programme. There is no news about running a third car...
  • Thu. 06.11.2014 / 14h31
    WEC (Bahrain): 27 cars are expected to contest the 6 Hours of Bahrain, penultimate round of the 2014 FIA WEC. Mike Conway returns in the N°7 Toyota. Nathanel Berthon and Simon Trummer to join Pierre Kaffer in the Lotus CLM P1/01. Abdulaziz Al-Faisal will team up with Rees and MacDowall in the N°99 Aston Martin. Return of the N°61 and N°81 AF Corse Ferraris in LM GTE Am.
  • Mon. 03.11.2014 / 15h45
    6 Hours of Shanghai: Rebellion Racing's R-One/Michelin prototypes came first and second in LM P1-L after a relatively incident-free race in China. The only problem was when Nicolas Prost's drinks bottle smashed and damaged the radio. With nothing to drink, and without information from his team, the Frenchman managed to complete a double stint!
  • Tue. 28.10.2014 / 14h31
    Stéphane Sarrazin won the weekend's Criterium des Cévennes (French championship) in a Ford Fiesta RS WRC/Michelin. He will take part in November's Tour de Corse (ERC) in an RRC version of the car.
  • Tue. 21.10.2014 / 16h19
    WEC (6 Hours of Shanghai): a field of 29 cars is expected for the Chinese round (October 31-November 2). Nicolas Lapierre should be back behind the wheel of the N°8 Toyota TS040 Hybrid.
  • Sun. 19.10.2014 / 11h58
    ELMS (4 Hours of Estoril, qualifying): another pole win for Zytek-Nissan Jota Sport (Tincknell), ahead of Thiriet by TDS Racing'sLigier JS P2. On the second row for the 1:30pm start (local time) will be the Alpine A450b and the Oreca03-Nissan of Murphy Prototypes.
  • Sat. 11.10.2014 / 17h33
    3 Hours of Shanghai (Asian Le Mans Series): third straight Asian LMS victory for OAK Racing's Morgan-Judd/Michelin David Cheng/Ho Pin Tung) this season, ahead of the Eurasia Motorsport Oreca03-Nissan. The GTC win went to Clearwater Racing (Ferrari).
  • Thu. 09.10.2014 / 10h20
    Asian Le Mans Series (ALMS): there will eight cars at Shanghai for round three of the 2014 Asian Le Mans Series. They include two LM P2 prototypes (OAK Racing, Eurasia), two CN prototypes (Vaelon, Craft Bamboo) and four GTs (Team AAI, Clearwater). The race will start at 3pm local time on Saturday, October 11.
  • Tue. 07.10.2014 / 09h28
    After securing the 2014 Tudor United SportCar Championship Teams' and Drivers' titles in the GTLM class, SRT Motorsports has withdrawn from racing. Chrysler Group LLC wishes to focus its energy on its road cars.
  • Mon. 06.10.2014 / 10h17
    WEC: Nicolas Lapierre will not take part in next weekend's 6 Hours of Fuji for personal reasons. He will not be replaced in the N°8 Toyota TS040 Hybrid which will be shared by Anthony Davidson and Sébastien Buemi.
  • Sat. 04.10.2014 / 09h57
    Petit Le Mans - qualifying: Christian Fittipaldi (Corvette DP Action Express Racing) will start from pole position alongside Wayne Taylor Corvette DP. The fastest GTLM driver in qualifying was Nick Tandy (N°911 Porsche 911 RSR/Michelin).
  • Mon. 22.09.2014 / 10h07
    In addition to its one-two finish at Austin (WEC), Audi's successful weekend also saw it reap the Team title (with Belgian Audi Club WRT) and Drivers' crown (with Laurens Vanthoor) in the Blancpain Endurance Series after winning at the Nürburgring.
  • Mon. 22.09.2014 / 10h05
    Nissan's GTR-LM Nismo LM P1-H prototype is expected to lap for the first time at a venue in the USA at the beginning of November. Its official presentation in Florida on December 8 will be followed by a test session at Sebring open to the public.
  • Mon. 22.09.2014 / 10h04
    Krohn Racing announced at the weekend that it is going to trade its Ferrari 458 Italia for a Ligier JS P2 LM P2 prototype in 2015. The USA team's Ferrari N°57 (Krohn/Jonsson/Collins) came sixth in LM GTE Am at Austin.
  • Fri. 19.09.2014 / 19h07
    Austin (WEC): The 6 Hours of the COTA’s third and final free practice session took place this morning (10:20am local time) in overcast but dry conditions. The fastest time was posted by the N°1 Audi R18 e-tron quattro (Di Grassi/Duval/Kristensen, 1m49.480s), ahead of the N°2 Audi and the N°14 Porsche 919 Hybrid (Dumas/Lieb/Jani). In LM P2, G-Drive Racing’s Oreca03-Nissan was the fastest car over the three sessions, while the two factory Aston Martins (N°97 and N°99) resumed control in the LM GTE Pro class. The British team also dominated all three sessions in LM GTE Am.
  • Mon. 15.09.2014 / 21h00
    There is no news yet about the 2015 WEC and ELMS calendars but the official pre-season test sessions will take place on March 23-24 (ELMS) and March 27-28 (WEC) at Le Castellet, France.
  • Sun. 14.09.2014 / 12h15
    ELMS (Le Castellet, France), qualifying: Frenchman Nathanael Berthon qualified the Murphy Prototypes Oreca03-Nissan on pole position for the 4 Heures du Paul Ricard with a time of 1m47.837s. The result puts an end to three straight qualifying wins for Jota Sport (Zytek-Nissan).
  • Wed. 10.09.2014 / 18h15
    WEC / TUSCC: Porsche drivers Nick Tandy, Jorg Bergmeister, Richard Lietz, Patrick Pilet and Fred Makowiecki face a busy day on September 20. In the morning there will be a third 911 RSR/Michelin entered by Porsche North America followed by the 6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas in the afternoon.
  • Wed. 10.09.2014 / 11h59
    Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has resigned as President of Ferrari after 23 years in the position. He flagged away the cars for the start of the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hours. He will be replaced by Sergio Marchionne, the current director of Fiat-Chrysler.
  • Thu. 04.09.2014 / 16h44
    After testing the Peugeot 908 HDI at the end of 2011, Frenchman Frédéric Makowiecki is to get a chance to sample the Porsche 919 Hybrid LM P1-H prototype. Michael Christensen, 24, will also test the car.
  • Tue. 02.09.2014 / 18h10
    Porsche-Manthey has changed its driver line-ups for the remainder of the FIA WEC. Frenchmen Patrick Pilet and Fred Makowiecki will now share the N°92 Porsche 911 RSR/Michelin, while Richard Lietz and Jorg Bergmeister drive the N°91 car. Marco Holzer is to focus on a development programme.
  • Tue. 02.09.2014 / 11h46
    ELMS: A field of 38 cars is expected to contest the 4 Hours of Paul Ricard at Le Castellet, France, on September 13-14. The penultimate round of the 2014 European Le Mans Series has attracted an entry of of 10 LM P2 cars, 13 LM GTEs and 15 GTCs.
  • Thu. 28.08.2014 / 10h03
    Seven cars have been entered for round two of the 2014 Asian Le Mans Series which takes place this weekend at Fuji, Japan. The chief battle promises to be between the LM P2 prototypes run by OAK Racing Total (Tung/Cheng/Ihara) and Eurasia Motorsport (Bradley/Harstshorne/Pu Jun Jin).
  • Tue. 26.08.2014 / 11h08
    While André Lotterer was busy making his F1 debut at Spa (engine broken after two laps), Benoît Tréluyer was competing in the celebrated Aveyronnaise Classic enduro event (retired) and Marcel Fässler was driving an historic single-seater race car on the Lignières Historique in Switzerland (1st, Sprint Race).
  • Sun. 27.07.2014 / 18h34
    The 66th 24 Hours of Spa was won by the N°1 Audi R8 LMS (Team WRT, Rast/Vanthoor/Winkelhock), ahead of the N°77 BMW Z4 (Marc VDS Racing, Luhr/Werner/Palttala) and the N°3 Audi R8 LMS (Team WRT, Mies/Stippler/Nash). The race was marred by a high number of incidents.
  • Fri. 25.07.2014 / 20h18
    Belgium's Laurens Vanthoor posted the pole-winning time for the 2014 24 Hours of Spa in his Audi R8 LMS (Belgian Audi Club Team WRT). Alongside him on the front row will be the N°50 Ferrari (AF Corse). The top 16 in the Super Pole shootout were covered by a single second. The race starts at 4:30pm local time Saturday.
  • Fri. 11.07.2014 / 16h36
    After sitting out May's 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, Britain's RAM Racing has decided to pull out of the remainder of the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship.
  • Tue. 08.07.2014 / 20h05
    After being appointed Vice-President Motorsport of Porsche AG on October 1, 2014, Dr. Franck-Steffen Walliser, 44, has also been named to replace Harmut Kristen as manager of Porsche's GT racing programme.
  • Tue. 01.07.2014 / 14h23
    A big bravo to Romain Dumas, winner of this year's Pikes Peak driving a Norma prototype. The Frenchman posted a time of 9m5.801s to beat the Mitsubishi electric prototypes of Greg Tracy (9m8.188s) and Hiroshi Masuoka (9m12.204s)
  • Tue. 01.07.2014 / 14h08
    The 83rd Le Mans 24 Hours will take place on June 13-14, 2015. It will be the seventh time since 1923 that the race will take place on these dates. The Test Day will be held on May 31.
  • Sat. 07.06.2014 / 15h36
    Finally, there will only be 55 cars at Le Mans after all. Millennium Racing has definitively shelved its plan to run its Oreca-Nissan.
  • Mon. 02.06.2014 / 16h32
    Nick Heidfeld crashed while entering the Porsche Curves five minutes from the end of Sunday's pre-Le Mans test day. Thanks to the new tech-pro barriers that have been positioned at this spot, the German was able to walk away from his car unhurt, while the chassis of the N°12 R-One didn't suffer any damage.
  • Sun. 01.06.2014 / 08h41
    For memory, the fastest time at last year's pre-Le Mans Test Day was posted by Loïc Duval (N°2 Audi, 3m22.583s). Olivier Pla (N°24 Morgan-Nissan) was fastest in LMP2 (3m38.801s). Peter Dumbreck (N°97 Aston Martin, 3m58.806s and Jamie Campbell-Walter (N°96 Aston Martin, 4m0.867s) were fastest in LMGTE Pro and Am.
  • Fri. 30.05.2014 / 10h43
    Le Mans 24 Hours: 36-year old Finn Markus Palttala (2013 Blancpain Series Teams champion) has been named to replace Matthieu Vaxivière (hurt in a World Series by Renault race) in the N°75 Porsche/Michelin (Prospeed) alongside Emmanuel Collard and François Perrodo. Palttala raced at Le Mans in 2010 and 2012.
  • Tue. 27.05.2014 / 18h26
    Strakka Racing has decided not to take part in this year's Le Mans 24 Hours after the N°21 Dome-Nissan sustained damage in private testing. Its place on the grid will be taken by the N°57 Krohn Racing Ferrari (LM GTE Am) which will be in the hands of Tracy Krohn, Niclas Jonsson and Ben Collins
  • Mon. 26.05.2014 / 17h39
    Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso (two-time F1 world champion ) will start the 82nd Le Mans 24 Hours on Saturday, June 14. Three-time Le Mans winner Allan McNish has been named as the event's Grand Marshal and Corvette Racing boss Doug Fehan will be awarded the Spirit of Le Mans trophy.
  • Mon. 26.05.2014 / 08h50
    The 2014 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race was won by the USA's Ryan Hunter-Ray (Dallara-Honda), six-tenths clear of Brazilian Helio Castroneves. It was the second smallest wining margin since the inaugural Indy 500 in 1911! Ex-Peugeot Sport drivers Sébastien Bourdais and Simon Pagenaud were 7th and 12th respectively.
  • Mon. 19.05.2014 / 09h38
    The Australian three-time Formula 1 world champion Sir Jack Brabham has died at the age of 88. In addition to winning grands prix and titles in self-built cars, Jack Brabham took part in the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1957 (15th, Cooper), 1958 (retired, Aston Martin DBR1) and 1970 (retired, Matra Simca). Two of his sons, Geoff and David, won Le Mans in 1993 and 2009. His other son, Gary, raced in Formula 1.
  • Sun. 18.05.2014 / 12h23
    ELMS (4 Hours of Imola - qualifying): pole position for Filipe Alburquerque in the N°38 Zytek-Nissan (Jota Sport). The N°46 Morgan-Nissan (Thiriet by TDS Racing) will join it on the front row. The GTE winner was Matteo Cressoni in the Kessel Racing Ferrari. The race starts at 2pm local time.
  • Fri. 16.05.2014 / 08h16
    Porsche Team was at Motorland, Spain, this week for some long-distance testing. The six factory drivers covered 6,009km in the Porsche 919 Hybrid/Michelin.
  • Tue. 06.05.2014 / 10h51
    TUSCC: The HPD-ARX03b of Extreme Speed Motorsports is the first LMP2 prototype to win a race this season. Van Overbeek/Brown came first at Laguna Seca, ahead of the Taylor brothers' Daytona Corvette prototype. The GTLM class was won by the Corvette C7.R/Michelin of Magnussen/Garcia, ahead of the BMW Z4 GTE of Auberlen/Priaulx and the Risi Ferrari of Fisichella/Kaffer.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h42
    As the Japanese national anthem rings out over the circuit to celebrate Toyota's win at Spa-Francorchamps, it's time for us to say goodbye. Thanks for following the race with us, and don't forget to read our full race report! The next big event is the pre-Le Mans test day on June 1.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h38
    2014 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps - class podiums: LMGTE Pro: 1) Ferrari 51 (152 laps, 13th overall). 2) Porsche 91 (+1 lap). 3) Ferrari 71 (+1 lap). LMGTE Am: 1) Ferrari 61 (149 laps, 18th overall). 2) Aston Martin 95 (+32.241s). 3) Aston Martin 98 (+56.072s). LMP2: 1) Morgan-Nissan 26 (160 laps, 8th overall). 2) Zytek-Nissan (+1m11.196s). 3) Oreca03-Nissan (+1 lap).
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h31
    2014 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps - final positions: 1) Toyota 8 (171 laps). 2) Audi 1 (+1m13.926s). 3) Toyota 7 (+1m20.861s). 4) Porsche 14 (+1 lap). 5) Audi 2 (+1 lap). 6) Audi 3 (+2 laps). 7) Rebellion 12 (+10 laps).... 23) Porsche 20 (+23 laps).
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h25
    Five minutes to go and the gap between the N°1 Audi (2nd) and the N°7 Toyota now stands at seven seconds.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h21
    The N°7 Toyota is now 8s down on the second-placed N°1 Audi.... Did we say that the N°91 Porsche is now second in LMGTE Pro?
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h19
    The gap between the N°1 Audi and the N°7 Toyota is currently 6.5s. Ten minutes remaining.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h10
    The gap between the N°1 Audi (2nd) and the N°7 Toyota (3rd) is 4.5 seconds. Less than 20 minutes to go, and no more scheduled pit stops.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h07
    The N°91 Porsche has succeeded in passing the N°71 Ferrari into second place in LMGTE Pro.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h07
    The N°1 Audi (with Duval at the wheel) has been in for its last refuelling stop and it re-joined in second place. However, the N°7 Toyota (Sarrazin) is not far behind. The Frenchman has 20 minutes left to bridge the gap if he wants to repeat the Japanese make's one-two finish at Silverstone last month.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 20h02
    The N°7 Toyota has just made its final stop and has rejoined the race in third place. The N°1 Audi also has one more stop to make, but its stop will be shorter, because it will need less fuel. So second place looks likely for Audi.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 19h50
    We're almost into the final half-hour and the battle for second place between the N°1 Audi (2nd) and the N°7 Toyota (3rd) is heating up again. The gap is less than a second.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 19h27
    The race-leading N°8 Toyota makes what will be its penultimate pit stop. New tyres as Davidson hands over to Lapierre. Not an ideal stop but the car re-joins in the lead.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 19h19
    There's a driver change (Di Grassi --> Duval) and tyres for the N°1 Audi's penultimate pit stop. It re-joins just 2.5 seconds in front of the N°7 Toyota. There are now 21 seconds covering the N°1 Audi, the N°7 Toyota and the N°14 Porsche in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 19h16
    We believe the N°7 Toyota and the N°14 Porsche both have one more stop to make. The gap between the two at the moment is 15s. The Toyota has just been in for fresh tyres and a driver change (Wurz --> Sarrazin). Neel Jani is likely to stay in the 919 Hybrid the next time that car stops...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 19h07
    The N°38 Zytek-Nissan is in front in the LMP2 class after the N°26 car's pit stop. But the N°38 makes its sixth stop shortly afterwards.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h54
    The N°2 Audi has passed the N°3 Audi into fifth place.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h53
    Dumas confirms that the earlier problem with the N°14 Porsche was an electrical issue.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h51
    The N°20 Porsche is back in its garage, this time work at the rear.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h49
    The N°14 Porsche has been in for its fifth refuelling stop. It wasn't perfect. Jani takes over again and the car re-joins in fourth place. There is a chance it only has one more stop to make, whereas the top-three cars might have to make two more stops.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h45
    All the LMGTE Pro runners have made 4 refuelling stops: 1) Ferrari 51 (107 laps). 2) Aston Martin 97 (+22s). 3) Ferrari 71 (+30s). 4) Porsche 91 (+36s). 5) Aston Martin (+1m18s). 6) Porsche 92 (+1m21s).
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h43
    On Lap 119, another fastest race lap for Davidson in N°8 Toyota (2m1.327s).
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h39
    After the N°8 Toyota's stop, the top four are all back on the same lap. After 118 laps, the Toyota 8 leads after five pit stops. Second is the Audi 1 (+46.7s, five stops), third is the Porsche 14 (+55.3s, four stops), fourth is the Toyota 7 (+1m3s, five stops). The latter has just gone wide and lost a little ground, however.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h38
    The FIA WEC confirms good crowd figure: 46,000 over the two days. That's a big increase over 2013, like we saw at Silverstone
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h35
    Overall positions after a little more than four hours: 1) Toyota 8 (116 laps). 2) Audi 1 (+1 lap). 3) Porsche 14 (+1 lap). 4) Toyota 7 (+1 lap). 5) Audi 3 (+2 laps). 6) Audi 2 (+ 2 laps). 7) Rebellion 12 (+8 laps). Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h32
    Correction: the N°14 Porsche is still third, but only 13s off the N°1 Audi, and 3s clear of the N°7 Toyota... There are two hours remaining.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h29
    The N°1 Audi makes a pit stop and, suddenly, the N°14 Porsche is back into 2nd place.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h28
    The N°14 Porsche has recovered from its earlier difficulty and has passed Wurz into third place, although the N°7 Toyota has made an extra pit stop.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h26
    The N°98 Aston Martin (2nd in LMGTE Am) was only 0.006s behind the class-leading N°61 Ferrari as they crossed the line last time round, but the Aston Martin dives into the pits.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h17
    Lap 107 sees the N°7 Toyota pass the N°1 Audi to go second overall. For the first time since the start, there are two Toyotas in the lead... Like at Silverstone
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h09
    LMGTE update... Pro: Ferrari 51, Aston Martin 97, Ferrari 71, Porsche 91, Aston Martin 99, Porsche 92. Am: Aston Martin 98, Ferrari 61, Aston Martin 95, Porsche 88, Ferrari 90, Ferrari 81. Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h05
    Again, the N°14 Porsche doesn't stop and suddenly its split times seem to be normal. It has fallen back to fourth and dropped a lap to the race leader.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h03
    Strangely, the N°14 Porsche didn't pit at the end of its lap, but it is still travelling very slowly
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 18h00
    The N°14 Porsche 919 Hybrid is in difficulty and travelling at slow speed.. It is limping back to the pits. the N°1 Audi is up to 2nd place, chased by the N°7 Toyota.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 17h56
    Di Grassi has put the N°1 Audi on the provisional podium, ahead of Wurz in the N°7 Toyota. Wurz doesn't appear to have said his final word, however!
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 17h54
    Another improvement from Davidson (N°8 Toyota): 2m1.739s. Could it be that the N°14 Porsche will be able to complete the race with only six refuelling stops, instead of seven for the others? Could that explain Davidson's sudden speed as the other teams realise?
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 17h51
    Davidson has just established a new fastest race lap in the N°8 Toyota (2m1.749s)
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 17h49
    There's a nice battle for third place between the N°7 Toyota (Wurz) and the N°1 Audi (Di Grassi). Less than two seconds between the two drivers.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 17h30
    Overall positions after three hours (half distance): 1) Toyota 8 (85 laps). 2) Porsche 14 (+28.8s). 3) Toyota 7 (+56.2s). 4) Audi 1 (+1m02.001s). Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 17h08
    Meanwhile, the gap between the leading N°8 Toyota and the N°14 Porsche (2nd) is up to 20.9s. The N°7 Toyota is still third (+47.5s). The N°1, N°2 and N°3 Audis follow in that order.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 17h06
    The N°20 Porsche has finished being worked on in its garage. We hear it had a front-right corner change. It has dropped a further eight laps and is back down to 23rd overall...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h58
    The N°14 Porsche stays out two laps longer before its third stop. Lieb stays in car. Fuel only. The N°8 Toyota stays in the lead.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h55
    The Audi 1 has been into the pits.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h55
    The N°8 Toyota and the N°1 Audi have now done their third stops, as well. The N°14 Porsche is back in front.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h53
    The N°98 Aston Martin has gone ahead of the N°95 Aston at the top of the LMGTE Am class. The N°97 Aston has passed the N°92 Porsche to go 3rd in LMGTE Pro
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h51
    Toyota 7 into the pits for Stop 3. No new tyres. Nakajima double stints...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h48
    The N°20 Porsche has been pushed into its garage for more work, just four laps after Hartley took over from Bernahrd.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h46
    A Belgian journalist friend who has just returned from a tour of the circuit confirms there are lots of spectators at Spa-Francorchamps today.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h33
    All the LMGTE cars have now been in for their second stops. In LMGTE Pro is now led by the N°51 Ferrari, followed by the N°99 Aston Martin. The N°92 Porsche has shot up to 3rd from 6th. next are the N°97 Aston Martin, the N°71 Ferrari and the N°91 Porsche. In LMGTE Am, Aston Martin is still 1st and 2nd (N°95 and N°98). Follwoed by N°61 Ferrari. Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h30
    Overall positions after two hours: 1) Toyota 8 (56 laps). 2) Porsche 14 (+13.1s). 3) Toyota 7 (+30.4s). 4) Audi 1 (+48.4s). 5) Audi 2 (+133.7s). 6) Audi 3 (+1m49.5s). 7) Porsche 20 (+2 laps). Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h28
    Ferrari 51 now back in front in LMGTE Pro, but it hasn't made its second stop yet.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h27
    Now it's the N°99 Aston Martin's turn to pit from the LMGTE Pro lead as O'Young takes over.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h24
    The N°8 Toyota is gradually extending its advantage over the N°14 Porsche (2nd, +10.9s). The N°7 Toyota is 3rd (+30.7s).
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h22
    The LMGTE Pro leading Aston Martin 97 is in the pits. Senna gets in the car and new tyres go on.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h20
    The gap between the leading N°8 Toyota (Buemi) and the second-placed N°14 Porsche (Lieb) appears to have stabilised at 8/9 seconds.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h19
    Ferrari is back in the LMGTE Am lead (N°61 car), ahead of the N°98 Aston Martin. The N°95 Aston Martin made an early second stop, however, and is now 4th.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h17
    The reason for the N°2 Audi being pushed back into the garage was to replace a faulty electrical connection (Fassler)
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h11
    Overall positions after 2nd round of pit stops: 1) Toyota 8 (48 laps). 2) Porsche 14 (+8.6s). 3) Toyota 7 (+28.9s). 4) Audi 1 (+39.0s). 5) Audi 2 (+1m19.2s). 6) Audi 3 (1m45.3s). Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h08
    The leading N°14 Porsche is in the pits for its second stop. Marc Lieb takes over from Jani, and fresh tyres go on the 919 Hybrid. The German car is on its way again, but is passed by Buemi in the N°8 Toyota after appearing to make a slow getaway from its garage
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h07
    After a very fast intervention, the N°2 Audi is back on the track.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h05
    Pit stops also for Toyota 8 (tyres), and the N°1 and N°2 Audis which also take fresh Michelin tyres. The N°2 Audi is pushed back into its garage...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h03
    Pit stop for N°7 Toyota which has fresh slicks fitted. It re-joins in 6th place, behind N°1 and N°2 Audis.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 16h02
    The N°95 class-leading Aston Martin appears to be in early for a pit stop and driver change. Stanaway hands over to Poulsen.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h59
    90 minutes completed: 1) Porsche 14 (43 laps). 2) Toyota 8 (+6.5s). 3) Toyota 7 (+27.8s). 4) Audi 1 (+29.8s). 5) Audi 2 (+44.9s). Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h50
    The N°7 Toyota (Nakajima) has passed the N°1 Audi (Duval) into 2nd place.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h49
    N°1 Audi (3rd) under pressure from N°7 Toyota (4th), but the Audi seems to have the edge through the middle portion of the circuit.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h45
    Second pit stop for the N°20 Porsche. Bernhard stays in the car which stays 7th overall.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h44
    Not a great start fopr the two Team Manthey Porsches. The N°91 and N°92 911 RSRs are second-last and last in LMGTE Pro respectively.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h39
    Dr. Ullrich (Audi boss): "We are hoping that running double stints for the N°1 and N°2 cars is the right strategy. Just a single stint for our N°3 car to begin with. It is running with less downforce.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h38
    The N°20 Porsche is up to 7th overall (+2 laps) after its earlier problem.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h33
    After the first round of pit stops, Aston Martin leads in LMGTE Pro with N°97 and N°99 cars after staying on the same tyres. Senna (N°97) confirms they are trying to double stint. Third is the N°51 Ferrari which led throughout the first hour. In LMGTE Am, Aston is first and second, too, with the N°95 and N°98 cars.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h32
    Duval has put the N°1 Audi into 3rd place after passing Lotterer in the N°2 Audi. Now the N°7 Toyota has passed into 4th place
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h30
    Overall positions after 1st hour: 1) Porsche 14. 2) Toyota 8 +6.5s. 3) Audi 2 +11.7s. 4) Audi 1 +12.8s. 5) Toyota 7 +15.8s Order in LMP2 is: 26, 38, 37, 47, 27.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h27
    N°95 Aston Martin handed penalty for earlier collision with N°88 Porsche.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h25
    The N°98 Aston Martin has taken 3rd place in LMGTE Am.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h24
    All the LMP2 cars have pitted once and the N°26 Morgan-Nissan still leads, ahead of the N°38 Zytek-Nissan.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h23
    Buemi has put the N°8 Toyota back into second place, dropping the N°2 Audi to 3rd.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h21
    All the front-running prototypes have stopped once each. The N°14 Porsche still leads, now ahead of the N°2 Audi. Buemi has passed the N°1 Audi to recover third place for the N°8 Toyota. The N°1 Audi is 4th and the N°7 Toyota is 5th. The two Audis are on the same tyres as they started on
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h19
    Despite changing tyres, the N°14 Porsche re-joins in the lead again. Jani stayed in the car.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h17
    The N°2 and N°1 Audis both stay on the same tyres, but the N°8 Toyota does (driver change: Buemi). The leading Porsche 14 pits after its 23rd lap. It also takes fresh rubber.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h15
    The N°2 Audi is now third as the Toyota 8 pits, followed into the pit lane by the N°2 and N°1 Audis. The N°14 Porsche hasn't stopped and is still in the lead.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h13
    Pit stop for Toyota 7 (Sarrazin, who has been complaining of a handling problem). He hands over to Nakajima. Fresh Michelin tyres. And the car re-joins.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h10
    Spin for N°88 Porsche which was 4th in LMGTE Am. It has fallen off the first page of the timing screens. Three Ferraris still monopolise the top three places in the class
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h09
    After its short unscheduled pit stop, the N°20 POrsche has fought back to 13th place (+2 laps).
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h07
    The N°26 Morgan-Nissan has taken the lead in LMP2, ahead of the N°47 Oreca03-Nissan which has just pitted.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h03
    Great scrap, too, for third place between the N°7 Toyota and the N°1 Audi which is one second behind.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h02
    Big fight for supremacy in LMP2, with the N°47 and N°26 cars less than a second apart
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 15h00
    Rees has put the N°99 Aston Martin into third place in LMGTE Pro. Good battle with N°92 Porsche
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h58
    With half an hour completed, there are some big gaps at the front of the field. The N°14 Porsche is 8.1s clear of the N°8 Toyota, which is 9.4s clear of the N°7 Toyota which is being chased by the N°1 and N°2 Audis.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h55
    There are still three Ferraris in front in LMGTE Am, but the N°90 car is now second, ahead of the N°81. The N°61 still leads.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h53
    Apart from the small technical problem of the Porsche 20, it's been an uncharacteristically calm start to the race. Practically no order changes in any of the classes...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h52
    The N°20 Porsche is back on the track after just three minutes' work...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h51
    While the N°20 Porsche is being worked on in its garage (broken rear damper, being changed), the N°14 Hybrid 919 still leads, 5.5s clear of Toyota 8, and 13.5s clear of Toyota 7.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h49
    Surprise pit stop from third place for the Porsche 20 (Bernhard). The car is pushed into its garage.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h48
    Although not on the grid, the N°13 R-One-Toyota has started the race...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h46
    The traffic has allowed Lapierre (Toy8) to close the gap slightly to the race leader... LMP2 order after 8 laps: 47, 27, 26, 38, 37
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h44
    Race leader Jani (Porsche 14) is already among the backmarkers round the 7.004km circuit
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h42
    After 5 laps, the LMGTE Am order is Ferraris 61, 81 and 90, followed by Porsche 88 and Ferrari 60. The N°75 Porsche was well placed to begin with but has suddenly fallen back to last place.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h40
    With five laps completed, Jani enjoys a lead of almost 4 seconds in the N°14 Porsche. Second is still the Toyota 8, followed by the Porsche 20
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h39
    After 4 laps, the LMGTE Pro order is Fererari 51, Aston 97, Porsche 92, Aston 99, Porsche 91, Ferrari 71
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h38
    The three Audis are running at the back of the LMP1-H convoy, but Audi 1 has passed Audi 2 into fifth place...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h36
    The third lap is the first with no leaderboard changes at the front of the field
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h33
    End of Lap 2, Porsche 14 still leads, ahead of Toyota 8. Porsche 20 is now up to third, ahead of Toyota 7, then 2, 1 and 3 Audis...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h32
    End of Lap 1, and the Toyota 7 has fallen back to fifth, and the Audi 1 is back in front of Audi 3
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h31
    It's a clean start, but the Toyota 7 leaps into 3rd place from 4th on the grid, as Audi 1 is passed by Audi 3...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h26
    The cars are off for the formation lap...
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h23
    The grid girls and the brass band have now also vacated the track. Five minutes to go.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h20
    The grid has been cleared. The track temperature is 10°C after a very cold night in the Ardennes Mountains.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h14
    The brand new N°13 R-One-Toyota (Rebellion Racing) is not on the grid. It failed to set a time in qualifying yesterday after suffering a complex electronic software incompatibility problem.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h09
    FIA President Jean Todt is on the grid at Spa-Francorchamps.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 14h00
    Half-an-hour to go before the start. The cars are on the grid which is very busy, and a great sight in the spring sunshine.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 13h50
    The grid order for the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps is: 1) Porsche 14 (Janin). 2) Toyota 8 (Lapierre). 3) Audi 2 (Lotterer). 4) Toyota 7 (Sarrazin). 5) Porsche 20 (Bernhard). 6) Audi 1 (Duval). 7) Audi 3 (Albuquerque). Etc.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 13h45
    There are lot of spectators at Spa for the circuit's first major race of the season and there have been big queues of cars on the access roads since early this morning. The FIA WEC's pre-race promotional day in Brussels seems to have attracted a crowd, but the good weather helps, plus there's the presence of Mark Webber, the return of Porsche to endurance racing, and all the other usual ingredients that contribute the appeal of the championship.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 13h39
    The weather wasn't very nice for Friday's Free Practice and Qualifying sessions, but it's nice and sunny in Belgium's Ardennes Mountains for today's race.
  • Sat. 03.05.2014 / 13h26
    Welcome to Belgium's live coverage of the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, round two of the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship. The race is due to start in one hour..
  • Fri. 25.04.2014 / 08h49
    28 cars have been entered for the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. Still no prototypes for Lotus or Millennium Racing, and Ram Racing has withdrawn its Ferraris, too. However, Audi will have a third R18 e-tron quattro (Albuquerque/Bonanomi). Rebellion Racing has confirmed that the R-One will make its debut, and Bruno Senna will join Turner/Mücke in the N°97 Aston Martin.
  • Thu. 24.04.2014 / 11h59
    The 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, round two of the 2014 FIA WEC, was presented at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels yesterday. Drivers Stéphane Sarrazin, André Lotterer, Neel Jani and Fred Makowiecki attended the function.
  • Thu. 24.04.2014 / 11h58
    Ram Racing's N°52 (LM GTE Pro) and N°53 (LM GTE Am) Ferraris won't be at Spa on May 2-3. The British team wants to focus its finances on Le Mans.
  • Tue. 22.04.2014 / 10h27
    Despite the poor weather, 43,000 spectators attended the 6 Hours of Silverstone over the three days, compared with 38,000 in 2013. The pits visit was a huge success and will be repeated at every round.
  • Tue. 22.04.2014 / 10h27
    The 6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas (Texas, USA, September 20) will be preceded by a round of the Tudor United SportsCar Championship. Endurance racing fans will be able to enjoy two races on the same day. The meeting's name with be 'Lone Star Le Mans'.
  • Sun. 20.04.2014 / 18h04
    WEC, Silverstone (after 5 hours): With one hour to go, it's raining heavily again at Silverstone. The N°8 and N°7 Toyotas still lead, ahead of the N°20 Porsche. In LM GTE Pro, the N°91 and N°92 Porsches are in front, with the N°51 Ferrari in third. The N°95 Aston Martin has taken over on top in LM GTE Am, ahead of the similar N°98 cars. In LM P2, the N°26 Morgan-Nissan recovered the lead when the N°47 Oreca-Nissan was handed a penalty.
  • Sun. 20.04.2014 / 16h20
    WEC, Silverstone: Benoît Tréluyer (4th, N°2 Audi) has crashed at exactly the same place as the N°1 Audi did earlier in the race.
  • Sun. 20.04.2014 / 16h03
    WEC, Silverstone (after 2 hours): the race is led by the N°8 and N°7 Toyota/Michelins, ahead of the N°20 Porsche. The N°2 Audi is fifth after another visit to a gravel trap, while the N°1 Audi (damaged monocoque) and the N°14 Porsche (hydraulics) have both retired. In LM GTE Pro, the N°91 and N°92 Porsches are back in front of the N°51 Ferrari and the N°97 Aston Martin. In LMGTE Am, there's a nice fight between the N°81 and N°53 Ferraris, but the N°98 Aston Martin fell back with a door issue. The LMP2 order is now topped by the N°47 Oreca-Nissan (KCMG).
  • Sun. 20.04.2014 / 14h04
    WEC, Silverstone (after 1 hour): The N°8 and N°7 Toyotas are first and second ahead of the N°20 Porsche and the N°2 Audi . The LM GTE Pro class is topped by the N°92 and N°91 Porsches. Lotterer (N°2 Audi) had passed Wurz (Toyota 7) on Lap 13 to take the lead before rain started after 36 minutes. After the pit stops, Buemi (Toyota 8) appeared in front, with Wurz second ahead of Lotterer (Audi 2), still on slicks. Lucas di Grassi (Audi 1) has been off, while the N°14 Porsche lost its front-left wheel. The N°98 Aston Martin and the N°47 Oreca-Nissan lead in LM GTE Am and LM P2
  • Sun. 20.04.2014 / 13h06
    WEC, Silverstone: Great start from Wurz who defends first place ahead of Di Grassi. Buemi then passed Di Grassi at the end of Lap 1 to gain three places. The order is two Toyotas, two Audis and two Porsches.
  • Sun. 20.04.2014 / 12h45
    WEC, Silverstone: 15 minutes before the start, Race Control has declared it to be a "wet track"
  • Sun. 20.04.2014 / 12h29
    WEC: The 6 Hours of Silverstone begins in half-an-hour. The weather is overcast. Wurz, Di Grassi, Jani, Lotterer, Buemi and Bernhard will start in their respective Audi R18 e-tron quattros, Toyota TS040 Hybrids and Porsche 919 Hybrids. Rain is forecast for the afternoon but there is a particularly big crowd for the first FIA WEC race of the year.
  • Wed. 16.04.2014 / 09h21
    Nissan/Nismo has announced its driver line-up for the ZEOD RC/Michelin at Le Mans: Lucas Ordonez, Wolfgang Reip and Satoshi Motoyama. The latter was part of the DeltaWing adventure in 2012.
  • Wed. 16.04.2014 / 09h17
    Millennium Racing's two Oreca03-Nissans have been withdrawn from this weekend's 6 Hours of Silverstone. Following Strakka Racing's earlier withdrawal, there will now only be four LM P2 prototypes at the 2014 WEC's opening round.
  • Tue. 15.04.2014 / 09h08
    Strakka Racing's Dome-Nissan will not race at either Silverstone or Spa. After its test at Le Castellet, France, last week, the team has decided to skip the first two rounds of the 2014 World Endurance Championship. The first public appearance of the new LM P2 prototype will now be the pre-Le Mans test day (June 1).
  • Mon. 14.04.2014 / 14h53
    VLN (Round 2): Victory for the Porsche/Michelin of Abbelen/Schmitz/Huisman/Pilet (Frikadelli Racing Team), ahead of the Audi R8 LMS of Fässler/Winkelhock (Phoenix Racing) and the Falken Porsche. The first round at the end of March was won by the Michelin-equipped Audi R8 LMS of Basseng/Stippler/Vanthoor.
  • Mon. 14.04.2014 / 09h53
    The 2012 FIA World Endurance Champions Marcel Fässler, Benoît Tréluyer and André Lotterer will join forces to drive an Audi R8 LMS ultra entered by Belgian Audi Club Team WRT at this year's 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (July 26-27).
  • Mon. 14.04.2014 / 08h49
    TUSCC (round three): the street race in Long Beach was won by the Chip Ganassi Ford-Riley of Pruett/Rojas. The GTLM class was won by the Corvette/Michelin of Magnussen/Garcia, ahead of the N°56 BMW Z4 GTE and the N°4 Corvette.
  • Sat. 12.04.2014 / 08h42
    Because of a last-minute change of engine supplier, there won't be a Lotus T129 LM P1-L at next weekend's 6 Hours of Silverstone. The car will consequently race for the first time at Spa.
  • Thu. 10.04.2014 / 15h31
    American actor Patrick Dempsey is to take part in the Hockenheim round of the 2014 Mobil 1 Supercup (July 20) in the Porsche GT3 Cup/Michelin reserved for VIP guest drivers.
  • Thu. 10.04.2014 / 13h19
    Following the recent WEC test at Le Castellet, the Endurance Commission has announced a number of technical decisions. In LM P1-H, the diesel Audi will be allowed 138.7 MJ per lap at Le Mans (fuel flow rate: 82 kg/h), compared with 139.5 MJ per lap for the Porsche and Toyota (89.5 kg/h). In LM GTE, there is a weight reduction of 15kg and a ride-height increase of 5cm for the Aston Martin Vantage.
  • Wed. 09.04.2014 / 09h06
    The six-time Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy has been recruited to join Nissan's driver line-up for the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours. The Briton turned to motor racing after retiring from cycling last year and is competing in the 2014 British GT Championship.
  • Sat. 29.03.2014 / 18h56
    WEC TEST - LE CASTELLET: The weekend's final session was topped by the N°2 Audi/Michelin (1m43.423s), ahead of the N°8 Toyota TS040 Hybrid (+0.192s). The fastest time of the test was the work of Timo Bernhard (N°20 Porsche 919 Hybrid/Michelin, 1m41.289s), chased by the N°2 Audi and the N°14 Porsche on the same second. The best Toyota was 4th (+1.118s). The N°23 Oreca-Nissan (Millennium Racing), the N°92 Porsche 911 RSR and the N°90 Ferrari (8Star Motorsports) posted the weekend's best LMP2, LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am times respectively.
  • Sat. 29.03.2014 / 13h02
    WEC TEST - LE CASTELLET: The fourth session saw Audi recover top spot with its N°1 R18 e-tron quattro (Kristensen/DiGrassi/Duval, 1m43.017s), ahead of the Porsche 919 Hybrids and the N°8 Toyota. This morning's fastest LMP2, LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am laps were the work of the N°27 Oreca-Nissan (SMP Racing), the N°92 Porsche and the N°75 Porsche (Prospeed Competition) respectively. There's a strong Mistral wind blowing at Le Castellet where an estimated 8,000 spectators have taken up the offer of a free day at the track.
  • Fri. 28.03.2014 / 18h43
    WEC TEST - LE CASTELLET: Porsche Team has responded to Audi's earlier speed by topping Session 2 with a 919 Hybrid/Michelin (Timo Bernhard: 1m41.788s). The N°2 Audi (Lotterer) squeezed past the N°14 Porsche on its last lap to go second. The best five LM P1-H cars are covered by 0.619s. No changes in the other classes which are again topped by Millennium Racing (N°23 Oreca-Nissan), Porsche Team Manthey (N°92 Porsche) and 8Star Motorsports (N°90 Ferrari).
  • Fri. 28.03.2014 / 14h13
    WEC TEST - LE CASTELLET: Fastest time for Audi in the first session (Fassler, 1m42.788s), chased by the N°14 and N°20 Porsche 919 Hybrids (1m42.912s and 1m43.260s) and the N°7 Toyota TS040 Hybrid (1m43.910s). The fastest LMP2, LM GTE Pro and LM GTE Am cars were the N°22 Oreca-Nissan (Millennium Racing), the N°92 Porsche 911 RSR and the N°90 Ferrari (8Star Motorsports) respectively. Stakka Racing is not at the test.
  • Thu. 27.03.2014 / 14h06
    The Toyota TS040 Hybrid has a 3.7-litre normally-aspirated engine. The combination of the powerplant's 520hp and the 480hp of its hybrid system delivers a burst of 1,000 horsepower for between five and 10 seconds each time it exits a corner.
  • Thu. 27.03.2014 / 14h05
    Earlier this week, Porsche Team spent three days testing at Le Castellet with two Michelin-equipped 919 hybrid/s which covered 4,756km. The run was troubled by a few technical problems.
  • Tue. 25.03.2014 / 16h42
    Rebellion Racing has extended its contract with Andrea Belicchi and confirmed that the R-One will make its track debut at the beginning of April.
  • Tue. 25.03.2014 / 08h58
    SRT Motorsport has withdrawn its two factory Vipers from the entry list for this year's Le Mans 24 Hours on the basis that it wants to focus on its Tudor United SportsCar Championship. This could see the first two reserve entries on the LMGTE list (the JMW Motorsport and Team Taisan Ferraris) receive an invitation to contest the French endurance race instead.
  • Tue. 25.03.2014 / 07h59
    Derek Bell has been named as the starter of the 6 Hours of Silverstone, Round 1 of the 2014 FIA WEC
  • Fri. 21.03.2014 / 11h25
    Endurance racing's pre-season 'Prologues' (WEC: March 29-30 / ELMS: April 1/2) at Le Castellet, France, will see 27 of the FIA WEC's 31 entries in action, and 38 of the 42 ELMS entries.
  • Mon. 17.03.2014 / 15h42
    Rebellion's new R-One will not attend next week's WEC Prologue at Le Castellet, France, and the two cars have also been withdrawn from next month's 6 Hours of Silverstone (April 20). The Swiss team has instead entered its two Lola-Toyota B12/60s.
  • Mon. 17.03.2014 / 10h50
    The 2014-spec Audi R18 e-tron quattro will be presented at Le Mans on March 25. Tom Kristensen will drive the German prototype from the Place des Jacobins in the city centre to the circuit.
  • Sat. 15.03.2014 / 08h49
    12 Hours of Sebring - qualifying: GTLM pole for Michael Christensen in the N°912 Porsche 911 RSR/Michelin North America. Fastest times for Dane Cameron (N°94 BMW Z4 GTE ), Bruno Junqueira (N°09 Oreca FLM09) and Sébastien Bourdais (N°5 Corvette DP) in the LMGTD, PC and P classes respectively.
  • Thu. 27.02.2014 / 18h21
    Porsche has announced the driver line-ups for its two LMP1 prototypes: the N°14 Porsche 919 hybrid/Michelin will be shared by Dumas/Jani/Lieb and the N°20 car by Bernhard/Hartley/Webber.
  • Tue. 25.02.2014 / 09h54
    Belgian youngster Laurens Vanthoor (FIA GT Series champion) will share Sébastien Loeb Racing's Oreca03-Nissan (LMP2) with German René Rast at the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours.
  • Mon. 24.02.2014 / 09h52
    With less than a month to go until this year's 12 Hours of Sebring (March 15), there were 42 cars at the track for the 2014 Winter Test. The fastest time was posted by the Corvette prototype (Action Express Racing, Bourdais), ahead of the OAK Racing Morgan-Nissan (Pla/Yacaman/Brundle). Porsche 911s dominated the GTLM and GTD classes with the N°911 (Tandy/Pilet/Lietz) and N°73 (Estre/Lindsey) cars.
  • Mon. 17.02.2014 / 09h19
    Caterham Racing, which had been named as third reserve in the LMP class, has withdrawn its Zytek-Nissan (LMP2) from the entry list for the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours. Boutsen Ginion Racing (Oreca03-Nissan) and Pegasus Racing (Morgan-Nissan) consequently move up one place in the list of reserves.
  • Tue. 11.02.2014 / 15h00
    Like the Porsche 919 Hybrid, the Nissan ZEOD RC is expected to be on display at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Spain's Lucas Ordonez has been named as one of the car's drivers.
  • Tue. 11.02.2014 / 10h37
    Rebellion Racing has renewed its contracts with Nick Heidfeld and Mathias Beche for the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship.
  • Tue. 11.02.2014 / 10h03
    Buoyed by its promising debut at Le Mans and in the Asian Le Mans Series in 2013, the Chinese team KCMG has decided to participate in the FIA World Endurance Championship with an Oreca-Nissan LMP2 prototype.
  • Sat. 01.02.2014 / 10h31
    WEC: For organisational reasons, this year's 6 Hours of Sao Paulo has been postponed until November 30. It will consequently be the last round of the 2014 World Endurance Championship.
  • Fri. 24.01.2014 / 09h37
    Rolex 24 at Daytona: Marc Goossens claimed the GTLM pole in his Viper GTS-R/Michelin. The top six in the GTLM class were covered by less than a second. Pole position in LMGTD sent to the Paul Miller Racing Audi R8 LMS, while the Gainsco Corvette topped the Prototype timesheet. The Core-Autosport LMPC was the fastest Prototype Challenge runner.
  • Thu. 23.01.2014 / 14h57
    The Swiss team Morand Racing will be back with a programme in the 2014 European Le Mans Series. Its Morgan-Judd will be in the hands of Chrstian Klien and Gary Hirsch.
  • Fri. 17.01.2014 / 11h31
    Toyota will present its new LMP1-H prototype on March 27, the day before the official WEC test session at Le Castellet, France.
  • Tue. 17.12.2013 / 17h39
    The 2013 Le Mans winner and WEC Drivers' champion Allan McNish, 43, has decided to stop racing. The Scot has built up an exceptional winning record with Audi Sport since 2000 (2000, 2006 and 2007 ALMS championships, four victories at Sebring and two of his three successes at Le Mans). He also raced in 16 F1 grands prix with Toyota in 2002.
  • Sun. 15.12.2013 / 18h41
    At the Porsche Night of Champions in Weissach, Germany, Porsche AG revealed the driver line-up for its 2014 WEC campaign with its new LMP1 prototype, which it has christened the Porsche 919. The six drivers are Brendon Hartley, Marc Lieb, Timo Bernhard, Romain Dumas, Neel Jani and Mark Webber. The German make has also recruited Frenchman Frédéric Makowiecki to drive one of the Porsche 911 RSRs it will run in the WEC in association with Porsche AG Team Manthey.
  • Fri. 06.12.2013 / 15h37
    Jean Todt was re-elected president of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) at its annual general meeting this morning.
  • Wed. 04.12.2013 / 12h28
    2013 Asian Le Mans Series: the last round at Sepang has attracted an entry of 14 cars. The list features three LMP2 cars (KCMG, OAK Racing and an Oreca-Nissan for Craft Racing), two LMGTEs, six GTCs (two Aston Martin Vantages and two Ferrari 458 GT3s) and three GTC Ams. The race will star a number of WEC regulars like Stefan Mücke, Toni Vilander and Bertolini.
  • Mon. 02.12.2013 / 10h19
    Toyota Racing has recruited Englishman Mike Conway, 30, as test and reserve driver. He will contribute to the development of make's new TS040 Hybrid LMP1 prototype. Toyota's six factory drivers will continue to race for the team in 2014.
  • Sat. 30.11.2013 / 16h30
    6 Hours of Bahrain (after three hours): The N°8 Toyota TS030 Hybrid (Davidson/Sarrazin/Buemi) leads the race ahead of the N°1 Audi (Fässler/Tréluyer/Lotterer, +30s). The N°7 Toyota was eliminated shortly before the end of the second hour (engine or gearbox problem), while the N°2 Audi came to a stop on the track just before the halfway point. In LMP2, there is an exciting fight between the N°26 and N°49 Oreca-Nissans. The LMGTE Pro class is currently dominated by AF Corse's N°51 and N°71 Ferraris, ahead of the N°91 Porsche. Aston Martin has pulled out a lead in LMGTE Am with its N°95 car, ahead of the N°81 Ferrari and N°76 Porsche.
  • Fri. 29.11.2013 / 11h14
    6 Hours of Bahrain (Free Practice 3): The fastest time over the three free practice sessions was the work of Allan McNish in the N°2 Audi (1m42.479s), ahead of the N°8 Toyota (1m43.871s). The third session produced improvements in the other fights, too. In LMP2, the fastest car was the N°26 Oreca-Nissan (G-Drive, 1m50.341s). The LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am classes were topped by the N°99 Aston Martin (1m59.052s) and the N°88 Porsche (Proton Competition, 2m0.406s) respectively.
  • Tue. 26.11.2013 / 11h43
    Strakka Racing will be back in endurance racing next year with an LMP2 car prepared in association with Dome
  • Mon. 25.11.2013 / 12h46
    In 2015, the ACO will introduce a new LMP3 class which will be eligible for the European Le Mans Series and Asian Le Mans Series. These LMP3 cars will replace the LMPCs which will race in the Tudor SportsCar Championship. The performance level of an LMP3 prototype will be between that of an LMP2 and an LMGTE Am, for a cost of approximately €150,000.
  • Tue. 05.11.2013 / 13h22
    2014 ELMS: The dates of next year's 4 Hours of Imola (May 17-18) and 4 Hours of Estoril (October 18-19) have been changed by one week. All the championship's qualifying sessions have been extended to 20 minutes each (LMGTE/GTC and LMP2/LMPC). There will be two 90-minute free practice sessions per meeting. LMP2 driver line-ups: at least one Bronze or Silver driver. LMGTE/GTC driver line-ups: at least one Bronze and one Silver driver. LMPC driver line-ups: at least one Gold or Platinum driver. Tyre warming will be authorised.
  • Mon. 04.11.2013 / 14h44
    The end-of-2013 prize-giving ceremony of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) will take place on Friday, December 6. Michelin is a partner of the evening. The WEC and ELMS prize-giving ceremonies will also take place in Paris, on Saturday December 7.
  • Mon. 21.10.2013 / 10h13
    Toyota Racing has announced it is sending two TS030 Hybrids to contest the 6 Hours of Shanghai in China. The cars will be shared by Wurz/Lapierre (N°7) and Davidson/Sarrazin/Buemi (N°8). A 28-strong field is expected for the penultimate round of the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship (November 8-9).
  • Sun. 20.10.2013 / 09h21
    WEC (6 Hours of Fuji): After brandishing the red flag yet again, the Race Director has decided to interrupt the sixth round of the World Endurance Championship. Victory consequently goes to the N°7 Toyota, ahead of the N°2 Audi and the N°12 Lola-Toyota.
  • Sun. 20.10.2013 / 08h40
    WEC (6 Hours of Fuji): The party in Japan is being spoiled by torrential rain. The race was red flagged a first time after Lap 7. There was an attempt to send the cars back out behind the safety car, but the red flag was waved again at the race's theoretical halfway point.
  • Sun. 20.10.2013 / 00h32
    ALMS, Petit Le Mans (halfway situation): Rebellion Racing's Lola-Toyota (N°12, Prost/Heidfeld/Jani) was involved in a collision early on before taking a stop&go penalty which relegated it to a behind the leader. However, the Muscle Milk Pickett Racing HPD-ARX03a has just made a unscheduled stop and the N°12 car is back in front. The N°17 Porsche is on top in the GT battle, ahead of the N°56 BMW and the N°62 Ferrari. The N°4 Corvette was delayed by electrical trouble and the two SRT Vipers have fallen back. The first half of the race was marked by showery weather at Road Atlanta, leading to numerous pit stops for tyre changes.
  • Fri. 18.10.2013 / 21h23
    ALMS (Petit Le Mans, qualifying): The last pole position in ALMS history was claimed by Neel Jani who lapped Road Atlanta in 1m9.343s in the Rebellion Racing Lola-Toyota/Michelin. Muscle Milk Pickett Racing's HPD-ARX03a will join it on the front row. The LMP2 'pole' went to David Brabham (Level 5 Motorsports HPD-ARX03b). In the GT class, Matteo Malucelli (N°62 Risi Competizione Ferrari) claimed the best time on his second flying lap. Jonathan Bomarito (Viper SRT) was second, just 0.003s adrift.
  • Fri. 18.10.2013 / 09h54
    WEC: the 2014 calendar has been fine-tuned to avoid clashes with F1 races. Spa (May 3-4) and Fuji (October 3-5) have both been brought forward a week, while the 6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas will take place on Saturday, September 20, instead of Sunday, September 21. The Brazilian round in Sao Paulo has yet to be confirmed.
  • Wed. 16.10.2013 / 09h43
    Nicolas Prost, who has raced for Rebellion Racing since 2009, has re-signed with the Swiss operation for 2014. He will work on the development of its new R-One LMP1 prototype in collaboration with Oreca.
  • Tue. 15.10.2013 / 10h07
    Sean Edwards, winner of the 2013 Nürburgring 24 Hours and provisional leader of this year's Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, has died in an accident at Queensland Raceway, Australia. The 26-year old Briton was a passenger in a car driven by an Australian who was seriously hurt in the crash. LeMansLive extends its condolences to Sean's family and friends.
  • Sun. 13.10.2013 / 13h32
    2013 Asian Le Mans Series... The 3 Hours of Zhuhai was won by the Morgan-Judd/Michelin OAK Racing of Ho Pin Tung/David Cheng/Shaun Tong who finished 40 seconds clear of the KCMG-run Oreca-Nissan (Thompson/Winslow/Oon). AF Corse's Ferrari 458 GTC (Wyatt/Rugolo/Bertolini) was third, followed by the Taisan Ken Endless Ferrari 458 GTE (Iida/Yokomizo/Mitsuyama). The final round of the series will take place at Sepang on December 8.
  • Wed. 09.10.2013 / 19h04
    WEC, 6 Hours of Fuji: To boost its chances in the LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am championships, Aston Martin Racing has revised its driver line-ups. Fred Makowiecki will join Stefan Mücke and Darren Turner in the N°97 car, while Bruno Senna has been switched to the N°95 car alongside Nygaard and Poulsen. Jonny Adam will share the N°96 Aston with Campbell-Walter and Hall, and Dalla Lana will stay at home in Canada!
  • Sat. 28.09.2013 / 09h03
    2014 ELMS calendar... April 1-2: offical test, Le Castellet, France. April 18-19: Silverstone, Great Britain. May 10-11: Imola, Italy. July 19-20: Red Bull Ring, Austria. September 13-14: Le Castellet, France. October 11-12: Estoril, Portugal. Races will last four hours instead of three.
  • Mon. 23.09.2013 / 01h13
    6 Hours of Circuit of The Americas: Audi achieved its 100th victory in prototypes with partner Michelin today! The No. 2 Audi (Duval/McNish/Kristensen) got the better of the No. 8 Toyota (Buemi/Davidson/Sarrazin). Other class winners were the No. 26 Oreca-Nissan in LMP2, the No. 99 Aston Martin in LMGTE Pro, and the No. 96 Aston Martin in LMGTE Am.
  • Sun. 22.09.2013 / 21h30
    6 Hours of Circuit of The Americas, mid-race: The No. 2 Audi (Duval) just retook the lead from the No. 8 Toyota (Sarrazin). Those two have been swapping the lead since the start. The No. 1 Audi is back in a provisional podium position. In LMP2, the Oreca-Nissan is back in the lead after its third pit stop, ahead of the No. 35 et No. 24 OAK Racing Morgan-Nissan twins. In LMGTE Pro, the No. 99 Aston Martin has retaken the class lead from the No. 71 Ferrari. The No. 91 Porsche caught fire in the pits and is back in the race after losing 4 laps for repairs. In LMGTE Am, the No. 95 and 96 Aston Martin lead the class ahead of the No. 76 Porsche.
  • Sun. 22.09.2013 / 19h27
    6 Hours of Circuit of The Americas after 1 hour: The No. 8 Toyota leads in front of the No. 2 Audi (+ 6 sec) and the No. 12 Lola-Toyota. The No. 1 Audi had a few incidents in the early part of the race and had to come in to the pits. The Toyota TS030 Hybrid is double-stinting. In LMGTE Pro, the No. 99 Aston Martin kept its lead in front of the No. 71 Ferrari N°71 and both the no. 91 and 92 Porsche. In LMP2, the No. 26 Oreca-Nissan is 4th after its pit stop. The No. 24 and 35 OAK Racing Morgan-Nissan lead in LMP2. In LMGTE Am, the No. 95 Aston Martin N°95 leads the No. 81 Ferrari.
  • Sun. 22.09.2013 / 16h59
    6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas: it's the autograph-signing session in Texas at the moment. This will be followed by the pits walkabout. The weather is sunny and high temperatures are expected for the race. Loïc Duval, Marcel Fassler and Sébastien Buemi have been named to start round five of the WEC which kicks off at 11am local time.
  • Sun. 22.09.2013 / 16h29
    Asian Le Mans Series - 3 Hours of Fuji (round two): victory for KCMG (Morgan-Nissan/Michelin, Winslow/Koizumi/Bradley) ahead of OAK Racing (Morgan-Judd, Fun Cheng/Cheng/Lee) and the Honda CR-Z of Mutoh/Nakayama.
  • Sat. 21.09.2013 / 19h01
    6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas: the final free practice session was dominated by the two Michelin-equipped Audis. The Toyota's best lap was 1.027s short of that of the N°1 Audi. The fastest time in LMP2 was recorded by the N°26 Oreca-Nissan, while the LMGTE Pro order was topped by the N°98 Aston Martin. Oliver Gavin has got off to a great start in the N°97 Aston. In LMGTE Am, the N°61 Ferrari was fastest. Qualifying begins at 1pm local time.
  • Sat. 21.09.2013 / 15h23
    6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas: the weather is still cloudy in Austin, but the track is dry. After the ALMS runners finish their warm-up session, the WEC cars will start their third free practice session at 8:40am local time.
  • Fri. 20.09.2013 / 18h49
    6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas: Free Practice 1 was dominated by the Audis in wet conditions. Benoît Tréluyer posted the fastest lap at the end of the session. The order in every class was dominated by runners on Michelin rain tyres (N°1 Audi, N°49 Oreca-Nissan, N°92 Porsche and N°95 Aston Martin). Only 19 cars took part.
  • Fri. 20.09.2013 / 15h32
    6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas: wet, overcast conditions for the start of the second day of practice after overnight rain in Austin. The ALMS cars are in action before the WEC runners take to the track for Free Practice 1.
  • Tue. 17.09.2013 / 16h12
    The ACO has rejected G-Drive Racing's appeal against its exclusion from the results of June's Le Mans 24 Hours for a fuel tank capacity infringement. The decision confirms the third place in LMP2 of the Greaves Motorsport Zytek-Nissan (Krumm/MardenboroughOrdonez) behind the two OAK Racing Morgan-Nissans.
  • Mon. 16.09.2013 / 12h13
    Toyota Racing has announced the entry of two TS030 Hybrids for the 6 Hours of Fuji. The cars will be shared by the team's usual driver line-ups.
  • Sat. 14.09.2013 / 18h34
    ELMS - 3 Hours of the Hungaroring (halfway): The Alpine A450/Michelin (Signatech-Alpine) leads in the hands of Pierre Ragues. The Frenchman is a lap clear of the Jota Sport Zytek-Nissan and the pole-winning Oreca-Nissan (Murphy Prototypes). The GT battle is led by the Imsa Performance Porsche/Michelin after a strong start by Jean-Karl Vernay. The Proton Competition Porsche is second.
  • Sat. 14.09.2013 / 10h44
    ELMS - 3 Hours of the Hungaroring (qualifying): The N°18 Oreca-Nissan (Murphy Prototypes, Hartley/Hirschi) took pole position round the twisty Hungaroring, ahead of the Race Performance Oreca-Judd and the Alpine A450/Michelin. The fastest GT runner in qualifying was the Ferrari F458/Michelin GT3 of Casé/Gai/Risoli (AF Corse), ahead of three other Ferraris.
  • Fri. 06.09.2013 / 11h57
    6 Hours of Fuji (WEC, round 6, October 19-20): The Nissan ZEOD RC/Michelin will perform a number of demonstration laps at the Fuji Speedway which is situated near Nismo's base. The electric prototype is the Garage 56 entry for the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours.
  • Mon. 02.09.2013 / 13h48
    24 Hours of Zolder: the Belgian race was won by the Porsche 997 GT3 RSR/Michelin entered by Belgium Racing for Derdaele/Heyer/Redant/Giermaziak/Thiers, although WRT's Audi R8 LMS (Vanthoor/Kumpen/Longin/Ide) spend much of the duration in front.
  • Mon. 02.09.2013 / 08h27
    The 6 Hours of Sao Paulo was won by the N°1 Audi/Michelin (Tréluyer/Fassler/Lotterer) ahead of the similar N°2 car (McNish/Kristensen/Duval, +4 laps) and the N°12 Lola-Toyota (Heidfeld/Prost/Beche, +6 laps). The LMP2 victory went to the N°26 Oreca-Nissan (G-Drive, Rusinov/Martin/Conway), while the LMGTE Pro and Am honours went to the N°51 Ferrari/Michelin (AF Corse, Bruni/Fisichella) and the N°96 Aston Martin/Michelin (Hall/Campbell-Walter) respectively.
  • Sun. 01.09.2013 / 20h03
    6 Hours of Sao Paulo - after 3 Hours: After its fourth refuelling stop, the N°1 Audi e-tron quattro/Michelin of Fassler/Tréluyer/Lotterer is in front, chased by the N°2 Audi (McNish/Kristensen/Duval). The N°12 Lola-Toyota Rebellion is third (+2 laps). The LMP2 order is topped by the N°26 Oreca-Nissan, ahead of the N°49 Oreca-Nissan/Michelin. There's a great scrap in the LMGTE Pro class between the N°51 Ferrari and the N°97 Aston Martin. In LMGTE Am, the N°95 and N°96 Aston Martins are in front, while the N°71 Ferrari (AF Corse) was consumed by fire. The N°99 Aston Martin has retired as a result of suspension damage sustained in a tangle with another car.
  • Sun. 01.09.2013 / 18h02
    6 Hours of Sao Paulo - After 1 hour: The race was led by the N°2 Audi (McNish), with the N°1 sister car (Fassler) in second place at the one-hour mark. The N°8 Toyota (Sarrazin) was sidelined earlier following a tangle with the N°32 Lotus (Kraihamer). The LMGTE Pro class was topped by the N°51 Ferrari (Bruni), ahead of the N°97 Aston Martin (Turner). The LMP2 and LMGTE Am battles were being led by the N°26 Oreca-Nissan and the N°96 Aston Martin respectively.
  • Sun. 01.09.2013 / 10h48
    ALMS - Baltimore: Muscle Milk Pickett Racing's HPD-ARX/Michelin (Luhr/Graf) claimed its sixth straight win at Baltimore, ahead of the Dyson Racing Mazda (Dyson/Smith). The GT class was won by Corvette/Michelin. The race was shortened after a big crash at the start which involved eight cars.
  • Sat. 31.08.2013 / 22h29
    6 Hours of Sao Paulo - Qualifying Practice: the front row in Brazil will be monopolised by the N°1 and N°2 Michelin-equipped Audi e-tron quattros, ahead of the N°8 Toyota TS030 Hybrid and Rebellion's N°12 Lola-Toyota. The LMGTE Pro pole was claimed by the N°98 Aston Martin/Michelin, ahead of the N°92 Porsche. The N°26 Oreca-Nissan and the N°61 Ferrari posted the fastest times in LMP2 and LMGTE Am respectively.
  • Sat. 31.08.2013 / 10h11
    6 Hours of Sao Paulo - Free Practice 2: The fastest cars on the track during the second free practice session were the Michelin-equipped Audi e-tron quattros, although they failed to improve on the benchmark time posted earlier by Davidson (Toyota TS030 Hybrid). The G-Drive Oreca-Nissan has taken over from the N°24 OAK Racing Morgan-Nissan at the top in LMP2. The LMGTE classes were again dominated by Aston Martin.
  • Fri. 30.08.2013 / 19h35
    6 Hours of Sao Paulo - Free Practice 1: Anthony Davidson (N°8, Toyota/Michelin / 1m21.881s) posted the fastest lap ahead of the N°1 Audi (+0.8s) and the N°2 Audi. Aston Martin/Michelin dominated the LMGTE Pro and Am classes with Darren Turner (N°97) and Nicki Thiim (N°95). Olivier Pla (N°24 Morgan-Nissan) was the fastest LMP2 driver.
  • Thu. 29.08.2013 / 12h03
    Renault's Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares has left the French Group. He was the driving force behind Alpine's endurance racing programme this year, 35 years after the make's only victory at Le Mans.
  • Tue. 27.08.2013 / 12h13
    Japanese lady driver Keiko Ihara has left Gulf Racing Middle-East and will finish the 2013 WEC with OAK Racing. She will share the N°45 Morgan-Nissan Art Car with Jacques Nicolet and Jean-Marc Merlin
  • Mon. 19.08.2013 / 18h12
    While he waits for WEC action to resume, Tom Kristensen recently completed his first competitive marathon in a time of 3h31m3s. The event was part an Ironman triathlon competition in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Le Mans winner formed a team with fellow Danes Brian Dasbjerg (swimming) and Allan Olesen (cycling)
  • Mon. 05.08.2013 / 09h32
    The first round of the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series at Inje, South Korea, was won by the Oreca-Nissan/Michelin of Thompson/Winslow/Nandy (KCMG). The Oreca-Judd of Tung/Cheng/Lee (OAK Racing) and the AF Corse Ferrari (Bertolini/Rugolo/Wyatt) completed the three-hour race in second and third places respectively.
  • Mon. 22.07.2013 / 09h44
    ALMS: Muscle Milk drivers Luhr/Graf (HPD-ARX03a/Michelin) took advantage of the absence of Rebellion Racing to claim an easy win at Mosport. First place in the GT class went to the Corvette/Michelin of Gavin/Milner after an exciting fight with the factory SRT Vipers.
  • Mon. 24.06.2013 / 12h24
    The move of 30-year old Swiss driver Neel Jani to drive the Porsche LMP1 prototype has been confirmed for 2014. Neel is contesting this year's WEC with Rebellion Racing.
  • Sat. 22.06.2013 / 09h02
    The warm-up session is under way (45 minutes). The weather is dry but overcast (15°C).
  • Thu. 13.06.2013 / 18h45
    Nissan will present its 2014 'Garage 56' project (electric prototype) on Friday, June 21, at Le Mans.
  • Wed. 22.05.2013 / 18h38
    The USA's Jim France, Grand-Am founder and Nascar vice-president, will wave the cars away for the start of the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours at 3pm, Saturday, June 22.
  • Wed. 24.04.2013 / 09h57
    Simon Pagenaud will contest the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with Honda which has entered nine cars in a number of different classes. Simon came eighth at last weekend's IndyCar race ay Long Beach. With three rounds of the IZOD IndyCar series completed, he is 13th in the provisional standings.
  • Thu. 18.04.2013 / 14h53
    Audi Sport has appointed Dieter Gass as manager of its DTM programme and Christopher Reinke as the boss of its LMP endurance racing programme.
  • Sun. 14.04.2013 / 13h17
    It is said that F1 driver Mark Webber has signed a five-year contract with Porsche from 2014...
  • Sat. 13.04.2013 / 15h49
    The official LMP qualifying positions at Silversone are: Overall: 1, Toyota 7. 2, Toyota 8 (+1.974s). 3, Audi 2 (+3.262s). 4, Rebellion 12 (+4.103s). 5, Audi 1 (+5.467s). Etc. LMP2: 1, Oreca03-Nissan 25. 2, Morgan-Nissan 24. 3, Oreca03-Nissan 26. Etc.
  • Wed. 10.04.2013 / 10h21
    Le Mans... Starworks Motorsport has withdrawn from June's Le Mans 24 Hours. Its place will be taken by the Swiss team Morand Racing (Morgan-Judd LMP2) which has been invited to compete in the 90th anniversary race.
  • Mon. 08.04.2013 / 15h24
    Strakka Racing has acquired P1 Motorsport. The new operation, which will be known as P1 by Strakka Racing, will enter Formula Renault 3.5 cars in the World Series by Renault 2013 for Will Stevens and Matias Laine.
  • Tue. 02.04.2013 / 14h53
    Asian Le Mans Series... The 2013 calendar will kick off on August 4 in South Korea. The championship will feature four three-hour races. The LMGTE class has been dropped.
  • Wed. 27.03.2013 / 17h19
    ELMS - official test, Paul-Ricard, France: Wednesday morning saw the N°36 Alpine-Nissan/Michelin claim the fastest time of this year's ELMS test when Nelson Panciatici posted a 1m47.652s. In total, the car completed a distance of 1,447km (250 laps) over the two days. The fastest LMGTE time (1m58.226s) was the work of Johnny Mowlen in the N°52 Ferrari/Michelin (RAM Racing).
  • Tue. 26.03.2013 / 17h15
    ELMS - official testing, Paul-Ricard, France: the fastest lap of the morning's session was posted by Jota Sport's Simon Dolan (1m48.582s) in the N°38 Zytek-Nissan. The best effort of the afternoon was the work of Natacha Gachnang (1m48.153s) in the N°43 Morgan-Judd (Morand Racing). The Alpine-liveried, Signatech-run N°36 Oreca03-Nissan/Michelin completed the day with the third quickest time.
  • Sun. 17.03.2013 / 11h28
    12 Hours of Sebring: Audi picked up a one-two finish in Florida with the e-tron quattro/Michelins of Fassler/Tréluyer/Jarvis and Di Grassi/McNish/Kristensen (2nd, +7.679s). Third place went to Rebellion Racing's Lola-Toyota (Heidfeld/Prost/Jani). The LMP2 class produced a one-two, too, for the HPD-ARX03b prototypes of Level 5 Motorsports. The GT battle was won by the Corvette/Michelin of Gavin/Milner/Westbrook who were followed across the line by the Risi Competizione Ferrari and the N°17 Porsche. The race brought Michelin its 15th victory in the 12 Hours of Sebring.
  • Sat. 16.03.2013 / 21h50
    12 Hours of Sebring (halfway): the N°2 and N°1 Audi/Michelins are split by just +8.6s and continue to top the order in Florida, ahead of the N°12 Lola-Toyota (+2 laps) and the N°6 HPD. Meanwhile, there's a thrilling battle in the GT class between the N°62 Ferrari, the N°17 Porsche and the N°56 BMW which are covered by two seconds! The N°4 and N°3 Corvettes and the N°97 and N°007 Aston Martins have all been delayed by mechanical problems. The LMP2 order is currently topped by the N°551 and N°552 Level 5 HPDs.
  • Sat. 16.03.2013 / 17h17
    12 Hours of Sebring (after 1 hour): the N°1 and N°2 Audi e-tron quattro/Michelins have pulled out an assertive lead already. Their closest chasers are the N°6 HPD (Muscle Milk) and the N°12 Lola-Toyota. The GT class is currently led by the N°44 Corvette/Michelin, ahead of the N°48 Porsche and the N°62 Risi Ferrari. The N°3 Corvette, the N°97 Aston Martin, the N°16 Lola-Mazda and the Deltawing have all suffered early delays...
  • Thu. 14.03.2013 / 19h16
    Le Mans 24 Hours / ELMS: Sébastien Loeb Racing (Oreca-Nissan LMP2) has withdrawn its entry for Le Mans and the 2013 ELMS. This news will allow Switzerland-based Race Performance (Oreca-Judd LMP2) to race at Le Mans instead.
  • Tue. 12.03.2013 / 18h46
    WEC: Ferrari AF Corse has recruited the former Japanese F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi for the 2013 WEC. Kobayashi, 26, started 60 F1 Grands Prix for Toyota, BMW Sauber and Sauber.
  • Mon. 04.03.2013 / 14h43
    WEC: OAK Racing has named its driver line-ups for the two Nissan-engined LMP2 Morgans it will run in the 2013 WEC 2013. They are Olivier Pla/Alex Brundle/David Heinemeier-Hansson for the N°24 car and Bertrand Baguette/Martin Plowman/Ricardo Gonzalez for the N°35 car.
  • Sat. 02.03.2013 / 13h10
    Le Mans 24 Hours: withdrawal of the Ferrari Extreme Speed Motorsport entry. The N°98 Aston Martin Vantage to take its place in the LMGTE Pro class.
  • Mon. 18.02.2013 / 13h37
    ELMS: Michelin has been named by the ACO and LMEM as the exclusive tyre supplier to the championship's LMPC (FLM09) and LMGTC (GT3) classes. LMGTC runners will be able to use up to three sets of slicks per race weekend.
  • Wed. 13.02.2013 / 07h56
    ALMS: The new BMW Z4 GTE unveiled at Daytona will race on Michelin tyres. RLL will run two cars in 2013. The N°55 car will be shared by Bill Auberlen and Belgium's Maxime Martin. The N°56 will be in the hands of Dirk Müller and Joey Hand or John Edwards.
  • Fri. 25.01.2013 / 10h43
    The ACO has received 71 entries for the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours. Only 56 will be officially invited to take part. Who will they be? Details will be announced on Friday, February 1.
  • Sat. 27.10.2012 / 08h59
    6 Hours of Shanghai - Free Practice 3: The third and last free practice session took place in mixed (dry/damp) conditions. Alex Wurz (Toyota TS030 Hybrid/Michelin) was fastest again (1m48.979s), ahead of the N°2 Audi (+1.618s) and N°1 Audi (+2.938s). The best LMP2 time was the work of the N°24 Morgan-Nissan, while the N°77 and N°88 Porsches were fastest in the LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am classes respectively.
  • Wed. 10.10.2012 / 14h33
    6 Hours of Fuji: Toyota topped the timesheet in the first test session in Japan this morning. This afternoon, the two Audi e-tron quattros were first and second. The TS030 Hybrid was third.
  • Sat. 29.09.2012 / 18h21
    6 Hours of Bahrain (half-distance, after three hours): 1, Audi 1 (95 laps). 2, Audi 2, +1 lap. 3, Lola-Toyota 12, +3 laps. 4, HPD-ARX03a 21, +3 laps. 5, Toyota 7, +4 laps. Etc. LMGTE Pro: 1, Ferrari 71. 2, Ferrari 51. 3, Aston Martin 97. Etc. LMP2: 1, HPD-ARX03b 44. Etc. LMGTE Am: Porsche 88. Etc..
  • Sat. 29.09.2012 / 17h51
    6 Hours of Bahrain: The N°7 Toyota TS030 Hybrid has dropped four laps following a problem with a side body panel (race number lighting). Audi 1 now leads ahead of Audi 2.
  • Sat. 29.09.2012 / 16h13
    6 Hours of Bahrain, positions after 1 hour: 1, Toyota 7. 2, Audi 1, +24s. 3, Lola-Toyota 12, +58s. 4, HPD-ARX03a 21, +1 lap. 5, Audi 2, 1 lap (rear brakes problem and new front end, with lights). Etc. LMGTE Pro: 1, Aston Martin 97. 2, Ferrari 51. 3, Ferrari 71. Etc.
  • Fri. 28.09.2012 / 11h55
    WEC Bahrain: the N°1 Audi of Treluyer/Lotterer/Fassler posted the best time of the three free practice sessions (1m47.403s), ahead of the N°2 Audi (Kristensen/McNish) and the N°7 Toyota (Wurz/Lapierre).
  • Thu. 13.09.2012 / 20h09
    6 Hours of Sao Paulo: the N°1 Audi e-tron quattro and the N°2 Audi R18 were fastest in the first free practice session for the Brazilian round of the WEC. The Toyota TS030 Hybrid and Strakka's HPD-ARX03a were third and fourth. The fastest LMGTE Pro runner was the N°51 Ferrari AF Corse, ahead of the N°77 Porsche.
  • Mon. 10.09.2012 / 18h23
    Rebellion Racing has entered a Lola-Toyota/Michelin for Jani/Prost/Belicchi for Petit Le Mans (final round of the ALMS and ELMS). Romain Dumas will drive the Muscle Milk Pickett Racing HPD-ARX03a .
  • Mon. 10.09.2012 / 14h25
    The WRT R8 LMS/Michelin of Bonanomi/Vanthoor/Sandström/Kumpen won last weekend's 24 Hours of Zolder ahead of the Prospeed Compétition Porsche/Michelin. It was Audi and Michelin's fourth win together in a 24-hour race together this year.
  • Thu. 06.09.2012 / 18h42
    Alex Brundle has been recruited by OAK Racing for the 6 Hours of Sao Paulo. He will share the N°35 Morgan-Nissan with Bertrand Baguette and Dominik Kraihamer.
  • Wed. 05.09.2012 / 16h15
    North America's two endurance racing championships will merge in 2014.
  • Mon. 03.09.2012 / 14h14
    ALMS: one-two glory for the Level 5 Motorsport LMP2 prototypes at Baltimore and GT success for the Falken Porsche. For all the latest ALMS news, go to Michelin Alley!
  • Fri. 31.08.2012 / 17h51
    Frenchman Guillaume Moreau, who suffered spinal injuries in an accident during the pre-Le Mans test day on June 3, has been discharged from the specialist unit where he has been receiving treatment in Le Mans. He will continue his re-education at Limoges hospital. Keep it going, Guillaume!
  • Thu. 30.08.2012 / 18h47
    Following a request by the FIA, the ACO has changed the date of the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours by one week. The event will now take place on June 22-23, 2013. The Test Day will be held on June 9.
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 19h01
    Audi n°1 wins the 8 Hours of Silverstone
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 17h41
    Safety car in at Silverstone.
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 17h34
    Safety Car deployed after 146 laps following accident of the N°23 Oreca-Nissan LMP2
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 17h11
    After Twi-thirds of race: 1, Audi 1 (133 laps). 2, Toyota 7 (+22s). 3, Audi 2 (1m29s). Etc. / GTE Pro: 1, Ferrari 51 (116 laps). 2, Aston Martin (+6s). 3, Ferrari 66. Etc
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 15h08
    Green light at Silverstone again, but Toyota 7 passes the Audi 2 at the re-start. The Audi2 (McNish) is now a lap down on the leaders!
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 15h03
    Safety car deployed after 64 laps completed.
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 14h53
    Unscheduled pit-stop for Audi 2 (McNish). The rear-right tyre was changed. The order is Toyota 7, Audi 1 (+6.7s) and Audi 2. The N°2 Audi also dropped a few seconds during its second (scheduled) pit-stop
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 14h05
    Positions after 1 hour: Toyota 7 (33 laps), Audi 1 (+8.804s), Audi 2 (21.713s), Lola12, HPD21, etc. LMGTE Pro: Porsche 77 (29 laps), Aston Martin 97 (+1.363s), Ferrari 51 (+4,392s). Etc. LMGTE Pro: Porsche 88 (28 laps), Ferrari 61 (+1.4s), Aston Martin 98 (+3s). Etc.
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 13h54
    After the first round of refuelling stops, Toyota 7 (Wurz) leads Audi 1 (Lotterer) and Audi 2 (Kristensen).
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 13h40
    12:39pm - Slightly earlier than predicted: Toyota 7 is the first front-runner to pit for fuel. Audi is first and second.
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 13h30
    After 30 minutes: Toyota7 pulling clear in front (+5.793s). LMGTE order: Porsche77 (Lietz), 14 laps. Ferrari 61 (Bruni), +1.111s. Aston Martin (Turner), +2.831s. Etc.
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 13h22
    Wurz (Toyota 7) takes advantage of traffic to pass Lotterer (Audi 1) into the lead...
  • Sun. 26.08.2012 / 13h20
    Positions after 10 laps: Audi1 (Lotterer). Toyota7 (Wurz, who made a great start), +1.712s. Audi2 (Kristensen), +4.846s. Lola 12 (Jani), +28.304s. HPD21 (Kane), +33.845. Etc.
  • Fri. 24.08.2012 / 19h48
    The last round of the 2012 World Endurance Championship has been postponed one day. It will now take place in Sunday, October 28.
  • Wed. 22.08.2012 / 17h55
    Lucas di Grassi will share the N°2 Audi R18 ultra/Michelin with Tom Kristensen and Allan McNish at the 6 Hours of Sao Paulo, round 5 of the 2012 WEC.
  • Tue. 21.08.2012 / 09h42
    Luxury Racing, which had entered two Ferrari 458s for the 6 Hours of Silverstone (one in the LMGTE Pro class and one in LMGTE Am) has withdrawn from the race.
  • Mon. 20.08.2012 / 14h39
    GT300 teams contesting the SuperGT championship will be able to take part in the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series (GTC class). Their performance will be adjusted to ensure a balance with the LMGTE runners. GT300 cars will still not be authorised to compete in the WEC or at Le Mans.
  • Mon. 13.08.2012 / 09h01
    Roman Dumas took his Michelin-equipped Porsche GT3-R to second place at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The Frenchman finished just 0.017s short of Hyundai Genesis driver Rhys Millen (9m46.964s).
  • Thu. 09.08.2012 / 09h47
    The first practice session for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb saw Romain Dumas (Porsche 911 GT3 R/Michelin) post the fastest time in the Open class. The event was postponed until August 12 as a result of the bad fires which affected the state of Colorado at the beginning of July.
  • Sun. 29.07.2012 / 17h41
    A one-two finish for Audi/Michelin at Spa 24 Hours. The N°16 Audi R8 LMS ultra of Piccini/Rast/Stippler was first past the flag, ahead of the German make's N°1 car (Mies/Ortelli/Haase). The N°66 and N°3 Michelin-equipped BMW Z4s were third and fourth, while the N°6 Audi (Lotterer/Fassler/Kristensen) recovered from an early delay to finish sixth.
  • Fri. 27.07.2012 / 17h53
    Violent storms at Spa have caused the 'Super Pole' session to be cancelled. The N°66 Vita4One BMW Z4/Michelin (Lauda/Kechele/Franchi) and the similar Marc VDS Racing car (Palttala/Martin/Leinders) will consequently start from the front row. The 2012 Spa 24 Hours kicks off tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm local time.
  • Fri. 27.07.2012 / 15h18
    The ELMS teams will join their ALMS counterparts at Petit Le Mans. The next (and last) round of the 2012 European Le Mans Series will take place in the USA at Road Atlanta (October 17-20). The previously scheduled races in the Czech Republic (Brno) and Portugal (Algarve) have been cancelled.
  • Fri. 27.07.2012 / 15h18
    The Automobile Club de l'Ouest has announced that one of the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series rounds will take place in Indonesia at Sentul (Java).
  • Fri. 27.07.2012 / 15h16
    The fastest time in Q1 for the Spa 24 Hours (2m19.473s) was posted by Franck Kechele in the Vita4One BMW Z4/Michelin. The best lap in Q2 (night-time) was the work of the N°6 Audi/Michelin of Fassler/Lotterer/Kristensen. The 20 fastest cars will take part in Friday afternoon's Super Pole shooutout.
  • Tue. 24.07.2012 / 19h23
    Bruno Famin has been nominated Director of Peugeot Sport.
  • Sun. 15.07.2012 / 19h12
    The Donington 6 Hours, round two of the 2012 ELMS, was won by the N°35 OAK Racing Morgan-Nissan (Pla/Baguette/Enjalbert), ahead of the Thiriet by TDS Racing Oreca03-Nissan (Beche/Thiriet). The LMGTE-Am battle was won by the Imsa-Performance-Matmut Porsche/Michelin (Pons/Armindo/Narac).
  • Fri. 13.07.2012 / 14h45
    The 90th anniversary Le Mans 24 Hours will take place on the weekend of June 15-16, 2013.
  • Fri. 13.07.2012 / 09h25
    The Krohn Racing Ferrari 458 (LMGTE Am) will race on Michelin rubber for the remainder of its FIA World Endurance Championship programme. Next round: Silverstone.
  • Fri. 13.07.2012 / 09h23
    In addition to testing work with Michelin and his race programmes with Hexis Racing (GT1) and Luxury Racing (WEC), Fred Makowiecki is now the father of a baby daughter, Doriee. extends its very best wishes to both parents
  • Tue. 10.07.2012 / 15h16
    Only 15 cars - including 10 LMP2 prototypes - are expected to start the Six Hours of Donington, round two of the 2012 European Le Mans Series. Free practice takes place on Friday, July 13, with qualifying on the Saturday and the start of the race itself on Sunday at 11:55am.
  • Tue. 10.07.2012 / 15h12
    In a period of less than one month, the circuit at Le Mans has atttracted almost 350,000 spectators: 240,000 for the Le Mans 24 Hours and 109,000 for last weekend's Le Mans Classic, where the different classes were won by a Talbot (Lago), Jaguar (Type D), Lotus, Ford (GT40), Lola (T70 MkIII) and Gulf Mirage.
  • Mon. 09.07.2012 / 11h40
    Victory for the Muscle Milk Pickett Racing (Graf/Luhr) HPD-ARX03a/Michelin at Lime Rock Park. GT honours went to the N°45 Flying Lizard Porsche/Michelin of Bergmeister/Long. Find all the latest ALMS news in 'The Alley' section of!
  • Thu. 05.07.2012 / 15h29
    There are 75 cars entered for the Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours (July 28-29), including a Sébastien Loeb Racing Mercedes SLS.
  • Thu. 05.07.2012 / 15h29
    The American Le Mans Series (ALMS) resumes this weekend at Lime Rock (30 entries). Michelin's prototype partners will be the Muscle Milk Pickett Racing HPD-ARX03a (LMP1) and Dempsey Racing's Lola-Judd (LMP2). In GT, Michelin will race with the factory Corvettes, Flying Lizard Porsches and Extreme Speed Ferraris.
  • Thu. 28.06.2012 / 10h31
    Faced with epic conditions and safety concerns related to the wildfires threatening Colorado Springs, the 90th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is being postponed until later in the summer.
  • Mon. 28.05.2012 / 18h10
    Welcome on the new version of LemansLive
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